Sunday, January 27, 2008

Focus on the AIA zoning text amendments

If you'd like to educate yourselves about the proposed AIA zoning text amendments, read this brief column about the subject. Understand that they plan to undo everything that most of Queens has fought for over the past few years.

The Civic Scene: Bid to change zoning bypasses boro groups

Then take a look at the graphic above and see how contradictory the AIA is.

More from the Queens Chronicle: Architects Won’t Budge On Controversial Plans


Anonymous said...

The American Institute of Ass-wipes
are just a bunch of chronic and habitual liars!

The only "green footprint"
these hypocrites are interested in
are the $$$$$$ that go into their pockets!

I'd like to leave my footprint on their ass.....
maybe loose a shoe up there!

Anonymous said...

The AlA's proposals would permit larger buildings on corner lots, allow multi-family buildings on small lots in R6-R10 etc, etc, etc

Shoot the AIA proposals down - they are stomping on our quality of life. They work for the good of themselfs and clients the developers. The city doesn't enforce current regulations, imagine if the AIA run roughshod over our zoning.

Anonymous said...

Ok, folks ... lets ... COMPROMISE!!!

(oh take whatever is shoved down your throat)

Anonymous said...

It is funny.

QCC helped Dutch Kills upzone while everyone else in eastern Queens downzoned. Nice work, boys!

The ignored pleas that we either all downzone, or none will downzone.

It is funny.