Thursday, January 31, 2008

DOB damage control

Commissioner Delivers Scaffold Safety Progress Report

Photo op posted front and center on their website (it wasn't there yesterday) in response to this: Wind knocks construction worker off 13th-story Brooklyn scaffold

Photo from DOB.


Anonymous said...

They could show this much concern towards homeowners too.

Anonymous said...

Note the formation of a task force with dozens of individuals.

This is standard dilution of responsibility. The deaths occurred on Lancaster's watch. She is responsible. But Bloomberg wants to cover up once again for the imbecilic incompetence of his appointees (Lancaster prefers to call the cops, claiming threats, on critics, rather than fix problems).

And this turtle faced dwarf wants to be president?

Anonymous said...

Just get a look at Pat
in her official DOB garb
mimicking an SCI or FBI type jacket
looking like she's on top of things!

Maybe if a part of some building
would wind up on top of her
she'd really do something about
the scandalous department that she heads!