Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Big and Rich = oversized and cheap

How would you like to be the owner of that house sandwiched between the big steaming piles of crap?
Or, you could live on the other side. Not only is the streetscape being plundered, so are the street trees. This one has been severely butchered. Notice how the sidewalk shed goes right through the tree and an entire limb has been lopped off. Also notice how the sign says "hard hat needed" yet no one working is wearing one. Partial stop work order, here, folks. The Big and Rich (country music fans take note) Development Company is building "14 FAMILY RESIDENCES, AMBULATORY DIAGNOSTIC TREATMENT HEALTH CARE FACILITY WITH 7 PARKING SPACES" where there was once a 1-family home.


Anonymous said...

In the first photo, notice how the building on the right-hand side is windowless, so it can easily be expanded when the owners of the cozy home are bought out. That is the developer's intentions without a doubt; to squeeze every bit of "livable" space out of the middle class, and overdevelop with poor aesthetics for the rich. Affordable housing? A myth!

Anonymous said...

All this and no new schools being built
to accommodate the population increase.

The same ancient overburdened sewer pipes
will have to carry away more pounds of shit per hour
that will be produced by these families.

And last, but not least,
our tired inadequate transportation system
will have to deal with the overflow
of increased commuters.

Oops, did I forget our frayed power grid ?

Anonymous said...

We are witnessing the emergence
of a new concept in "architectural design"
with the "creation" of this abortion.

Stack and bolt together a bunch
of oceanic cargo containers .

Then clad the whole crappy
disfigured , boxy mess in
the kind of brick they use in low income
housing projects.

One container is alloted per family.

And this is to be interpreted as luxury ?

Well, it surely pays for the builder's luxurious home
maybe in Old Brookville!

I call this new school of "architecture"


Anonymous said...

Looks like Astoria.

Anonymous said...

Not every architect/designer feels the same way... yes we are at fault for many of the architectural blunders that happen. However, we also have to look at the fact that many developers' don't feel the need to follow the plans submitted (aesthetically speaking)to the DOB. Hence, the "as-builts" drawings we have to submit. Also, as far architectural school education, there has aways been a push for more sustainable design. I am a proponent for Re-adapt and Re-use myself. We should use our existing built environment and make it more efficient. Basically upgrade these buildings . The problem lies with zoning. The AIA recently submitted to the zoning commission their proposals on planning. I for one am against their recommendations. Lot frontage, side yard requirements, and building heights will be drastically changed. This cannot happen. We need to speak our minds and be heard.

Anonymous said...

trust me just because the broker says this shit is luxury, it's not. these abortions will be the housing projects of the 21st century. rich people will not be living here 10 years from now.

as for the shipping container comment -- not even. there is some really nice prefab housing being built out of shipping containers these days.

Anonymous said...

Luxury - No one but no one has the tastefully, sculptured living art in front of a building as this luxury development does. Seconds from your entranceway, you have the exclusive use of the AMBULATORY DIAGNOSTIC TREATMENT HEALTH CARE facility. Never wait on a 9 hour hospital line ever again. Picture yourself living in this tranquil building among only 14 residences. Buy into these luxury accomadations - You earned it you have truly arrived!

Anonymous said...

Owner is Big & Rich Development Corp. That says it all.

Anonymous said...

This block of Fresh Meadows is located across the street from
Electchester, and shares its zoning designation. Unlike most of Fresh Meadows, suburban-style homes on this block can be knocked down.