Sunday, January 20, 2008

High-rise accidents on the rise

This week's death of a worker who fell 40 stories off a Donald Trump tower and a spate of recent accidents at other high-rise construction sites have exposed failings like faulty cranes, tight schedules and an ineffective inspection process, industry observers say.

As NYC Builds Taller, High-Rise Construction Accidents on Rise

The number of accidents last year at high-rise sites -- buildings 15 stories or higher -- more than doubled, causing five deaths, up from one in 2006, city Buildings Department records show.

And as more and more tall buildings go up in New York, straining the industry's work force and increasing public pressure to finish quickly, the risks are growing, experts say.


Anonymous said...

The taller the buildings.....the bigger the bribes!

Why should DOB's Pat Lancaster give a damn ?

Increasing deaths grease the wheels of that voracious building machine.......and are considered
acceptable collateral damage!

Anonymous said...

Maybe Pat needs to "take the fall".....
in the form of an FBI/DOI indictment !

Still think you're doing a great job Ms. L? !!!

KG2V said...

In the OLD Days (say 1930s) the rule of thumb was either 1 deat every 7 stories, or every 10 - can't remember which - but it used to be a deadly business