Friday, January 25, 2008

Next on the agenda: congestion parking!

Congestion pricing won't only hit your wallet - it may also prevent you from finding a parking spot.

Transit officials predict many commuters may scoff at the fee, instead parking near Queens subway stops, taking the train into Manhattan - making drivers' hunt for spaces much more difficult in Forest Hills and Long Island City.

Meetings to study congestion parking

The agency is hosting two Queens workshops next week to consider starting new parking permit programs, adding more muni-meters, raising on-street parking fees and tracking parking availability in potentially affected areas.

The first workshop, in Long Island City, will begin at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday at the Citicorp Building on Court Square. The second will start at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday at the Forest Hills Jewish Center on Queens Blvd.


Anonymous said...

(a) Flooding LIC with parked cars is better than (b) flooding it with 14 story buildings.

Oh,yes, (b) will probibally mean less parking than (a).

Western Queens folks take the subway to the city and work and shop there. We are the first ones to breath in all that pollution from the traffic.

We want congestion pricing.

All you need is to provide the local residents with residential stickers and ban local parking unless you have them.


Anonymous said...

Congestion pricing is fine as long as 100% of funds collected from congestion pricing goes to improving transportation from Queens, Brooklyn and the Bronx. Specifically East River tunnels and affordable ferry servic as well as investments in commuter parking. Wiithout this Bloomberg can f**k off.

Anonymous said...

anon 1: what makes you think the idiots who park in LIC care whether or not the parking space they park in is legal? I am one of the lucky ones to have a garage and assholes park in front of it daily. The 108 (precinct, also known as Retirement Village) which is 3 BLOCKS away from me sometimes take over 6 hours to come and ticket the car, which by then is usually gone. These people don't care. They park in front of fire hydrants all day long and deal (or don't deal) with the tickets later.

Just take a ride down any street in Astoria with alt. side of the street parking and you'll see that NO ONE gives a shit.

And F**K Bloomberg. He doesn't deserve another dime from us. Not when schools and firsestations are closing and high rises are going up like weeds.

KG2V said...

I believe that you can have a car blocking your driveway towed...

Anonymous said...

If you live in LIC (or Astoria for that matter) and drive on a regular basis, chances are that something's gone wrong.

1) Stop driving.
2) Keep cars out of Manhattan with congestion pricing.
3) Keep suburbanites' cars out of Queens by ending free parking. Give out special permits for local residents if you wish.
4) Enforce parking regulations.
5) Spend all new revenues on public transportation and walkable/bikeable infrastructure.

Anonymous said...

And F**K Bloomberg. He doesn't deserve another dime from us. Not when schools and firsestations are closing and high rises are going up like weeds.

Bloomberg is only continueing what your city councilperson started a decade ago.

Eric (who will soon be up and out of your community when he takes his next career move leaving behind a shit sandwich for you to deal with) is the culprit.

Anonymous said...

You can only get a car blocking your driveway towed if it has a ticket on it.

Anonymous said...

Kill us outright, bleed us to death, what else, what's next for us? Next stop the LIC highrise garage condo - Barbara C. help me please!

verdi said...

Next Mayor Dumb-berg will impose
a charge for the air we breathe during peak periods
of consumption.

Deep breaths......$1 per hour.

Short breaths.......only 25 cents per hour......
now that's a bargain!

Anonymous said...

If a poor man shows signs of becoming
mentally out of it in his old age.....
he could wind up in a nursing home.

But if an out of touch multi billionaire
becomes a senile/eccentric.....
he's elected mayor of NYC !

Hey voters....stop bitching.....
you all made it possible!

Anonymous said...

Can you imagine the establishment
of a NYC Dept. of Air Supply.....
installing meters on our nostrils?

If we don't pay our tab.....we're cut off !

I wouldn't put it past Mayor Mike!

Hey.....if urban air gets any worse
(i.e. like in Astoria due to over development)
we'll have to all walk around with official NYC
scuba diving tanks on our backs....
and that will really cost us!

The use of all other contraband or bootleg sources of fresh air will become smoking weed!