Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Crowley's war chest

Glendale Democrat Elizabeth Crowley has raised a bundle of cash in support of her bid to win the City Council seat of indicted Councilman Dennis Gallagher.

Democrat Elizabeth Crowley raised 70G war chest for Dennis Gallagher's seat

The 30-year-old Council hopeful, whom Gallagher walloped in the 30th District race in 2001, declared a whopping $70,770 in fund-raising by last week's disclosure deadline for the city Campaign Finance Board - giving her one of the largest campaign war chests of any declared Council candidate for 2009.

She may need every penny. Republican Tom Ognibene, who represented the area from 1991 through 2001, told the Daily News he will challenge Crowley.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: God save Council District 30!


Anonymous said...

looks like she spent some of her war chest on her chest. Her boobs are popping. :)

Anonymous said...

The last time she ran, she was publicly shown to be a total embarrassment. She was unintelligent, dim, and her public presentations were basically her yelling and screaming because she thought it made her seem passionate. It is offensive that she thinks she should be running for office.

Anonymous said...

She should have spent the money on a brain instead.

Anonymous said...

"Maspeth-raised" mother of two? That's a laugh. Everyone knows she grew up in Elmhurst near where the park named after her father is. Maybe she's ashamed of that.

Anonymous said...

maybe she means that "she's a mother who is raising two kids in Maspeth."

(You know how her grammar is.)

Anonymous said...

Anyone stupid enough to write a campaign letter such as hers, probably does deserve to be elected - as hall monitor in a whorehouse!

Will she pledge to never hire her brother Francis (now in federal prison for raping a classmate) to serve on the city payroll?

As for those boobs - just padding. Like her resume.

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth "If I Only Had a Brain" Crowley is really going to get hammered by the press for her romantic–if you want to call it that– connections with Brian McLaughlin, among others.

Do these unions know anything about her past or her promiscuous reputation?

Anonymous said...

"...hall monitor in a whorehouse"

LOL. Hopefully she'll be assigned to that "little" one down in "Texas," claimed to be "the best," so we can get her off our hands.

Anonymous said...

When is the McLaughlin trial set for? Hopefully in time for voters to be made aware of her "friendship" with him.

Anonymous said...

Ognibene had my vote for Mayor and he will have my vote against Crowley but dont think he will be any different from Pinky, he is just smarter and better at hiding his evil doings.

Anonymous said...

You gotta admit, the woman is sexy. Another 30 years on her and I'd pop some viagra and....well, you get the picture. Hell, I might even endorse her for my, umm, for the seat.

Anonymous said...

the "woman" is a skank.

Anonymous said...

From the frying pan into the fire !

The constituency continues to get screwed.

First Gallagher.....then Crowley.

What is this....
a classic fiefdom of corrupt Irish pols?

verdi said...

We used to say,
"Clock watcher in a whore house" !

Anonymous said...

To be honest, I feel like running for city council.

As a taxpayer and resident of Council District 30, anyone can stand up against Crowley and win an election. Anyone can stand up against Tom Ognibene and win the election because people are fed up with over 16 years of political gridlock, turmoil, scandals and corruption.

A prime example is the incumbent Dennis Gallagher's failure to secure funding to a pave a sidewalk by a neighborhood underpass enroute to a shopping center. The piece contains large chunks of rubber tires, rocks and mud to the point that people walk in the streets facing oncoming traffic. For years this has been neglected. Sure, Dennis can salvage millions for some nonsense project but not thousands to fix a sidewalk. Why? I think we all know the answer to this so I'll leave that alone.

Bottom line, although I am only 21 years of age and would be 23 when elected, I have NO CONNECTIONS to anyone who wishes to destroy my neighborhood of Glendale (prime example is the Atlas Park Mall and the Hemmerdinger family). I would reject campaign donations from anyone who is trying to buy me out or pay me off for the future, even if that meant rejecting large amounts of money and running a campaign with "clean" and honest finances. I would be rigorous with building permits, regulations and approvals of projects. Someone has to be since both Tom and Dennis haven't and God knows what she'll do.

While I know I probably will be defeated and nagged by the candidates for not having any political experiences, I just want to send a message to the city and the district: there is an honest person who is there for you. There is someone who wants to help you improve your quality of life and there is someone who can stand up at a podium and deliver an HONEST speech. There is someone who can tell you what EXACTLY is happening in town and have you feeling proud to live in an uncorrupted, stable and safe district.

Alexander M.

Anonymous said...

What boobs? She looks flat to me. Maybe she is a boob.