Thursday, January 31, 2008

Building up and bringing down Briarwood

"Been meaning to do this for a while. Some pics I took in my neighborhood (Briarwood) along 84th Drive near Burden Crescent. Feel free to post them, use them, create your own commentary, etc."

- CJ

CorrieCJ's Briarwood photos

These photos speak for themselves.


Anonymous said...

Your architect leveraging every inch of a corner plot, including sky. Air rights must be introduced in contextual zoning in single family communities - so that developers find properties unprofitable by limiting height on new construction.

Anonymous said...

Some bastard builder has been busy block busting !

This is totally out of character with the existing
street scape.

And what does Helen Marshall & Co. have to say
about all this over development?

"We have to make room for new residents of Queens"
("And more developers' money in my pocket").