Wednesday, January 23, 2008

RFK, go away

Predictable metaphors have filled the air, about how Kennedy built bridges among different groups. (That he also burned bridges in his day has gone largely unremarked.)

A Name Awaiting a Bridge

One comment in particular landed on the ear with a thud. In making the case in his State of the State address for renaming the Triborough, the governor said, “it is only fitting that we honor a leader who did so much to build the New York we love today.”

Oh? And who might that be?

It certainly wasn’t Bobby Kennedy. With total respect for his memory, how can anyone say that he “did so much to build” New York? Nearly his entire public career was shaped elsewhere. He was senator for a mere three and a half years — hardly time enough for the heavy-duty building that Mr. Spitzer suggests.

To Michael Miscione, Manhattan’s borough historian, the proposed new name for the bridge underscores a fundamental weakness in how we go about remembering and honoring our roots. He means this in no way as a political statement or an anti-Kennedy slight.

For Mr. Miscione, the issue is simply this: “Are we going to be leaders or are we going to be followers in our civic memory-making?”


Anonymous said...

always get mixed up about which Kennedy is which. Their names are way too similar. Would've been better if they'd been given really different ones, like Irving or Willougby Kennedy. They also look similiar. Nothing to have been done about that, of course, at least that their sire would've sanctioned!

Anonymous said...

He was an elected official of this country that was assasinated.
How dare you? Why dont you go burn a flag?

Anonymous said...

Well, so was McKinley. Let's name the bridge after him.

Anonymous said...

I have all the respect in the world for Kennedy. He is a true national hero.

Still, he did have his flaws, like other of our politicians, and there's no reason to refrain from mentioning them. That's how dictatorships arise when populations start idolizing their leaders, unlike in our own great country where common folk like us continue to be allowed to have our say, even when what we have to say is a bit foolish, as perhaps that opening remark of mine was.

Burn a flag? Humph, I'd sooner set fire to myself...after removing my Yankees cap, of course!

Anonymous said...

kick a man when hes dead. real brave of you.

Anonymous said...

They are America's unofficial royal family, worshipped by the press and ignorant voters.

Anonymous said...

trust me, there are no more ignorant voters then the hatemongers of Queenscrap.

Anonymous said...

Boy.....doesn't RFK look like
a drug ravaged, aged, Matt Damon
in that photo?

If scum bun Joe Kennedy wanted to continue
his royal family's dominance in American politics.....
then he should have cut a deal with the Devil
to become immortal!
(H-m-m-m.....maybe he did) !

Puh-leeze.....let's stop deifying our politicians.....
once and for all. Few of them deserve it!

The existence of these DYNASTIES
are blatantly anti-democratic.....

We once fought a king
to end the monarchistic rule!

Anonymous said...

You gotta be kidding. The debate is about naming a bridge after him, not about pissing on his grave.

georgetheatheist said...

The name - Triborough - ain't broke. Don't fix it.

Anonymous said...

Gary's bottom line seems to be a size 50 waistline!

He's been feeding off the public trough too long....
at the expense of us taxpayers !

Retire....already you buffoon!

Anonymous said...

georgetheatheist said it best! leave the Triborough name alone!