Thursday, January 3, 2008

Mr. Como builds his dream home

"At 64-46 82 Place in Middle Village is a piece of crap for sure. There are 13 complaints and there has been a stop work order since March! This budding McMansion is owned by Anthony Como, the local GOP looking to step into Gallagher's shoes. By the look of this house and the violations, how can he be trusted any more than Gallagher?! The Forum West recently did an article on this piece of crap.

I hope you decide to do one also, to let people know that this guy will be no prize either.

Thank you."

- anonymous

More about the owner: Anthony Como is State Senator Serf Maltese's Counsel and a former Assistant District Attorney for Queens. He's also the Republican Queens Commissioner of the Board of Elections.

Should Como secure the GOP nod, he'll likely face "preservationist" Elizabeth Crowley (of the Elmhurst Crowleys), who now claims to have grown up in Maspeth and wants to see cheap houses built at St. Saviour's. Indicted former Assemblyman Brian McLaughlin reportedly locked Elizabeth and himself inside his office one day and wouldn't open the door.

God help Council District 30.


Anonymous said...

With candidates like this running for office, it makes Pinky seem almost boringing in comparison.

Hey folks we need real live wire candidates for the next election, what do you say Bill Holden, to throwing your hat into the ring? City Hall will never be the same with Bill Holden in there!

Anonymous said...

I don't know much about Como, but Crowley is an embarrasment. I thought Ognibene was considering running again?

Anonymous said...

Is the likely contender Elizabeth Crowley related to The Francis Crowley, in jail (9 years) after being convicted of raping a classmate in the Merchant Marine Academy?

What is it about rapists and politicians? Especially connected to this particular council district?

Is Middle Village now the sanctuary for rapists?

If this Crowley girl is ever elected, will she hire Francis as a way to rehabilitate him? Will she have him showing up at the various schools to hand out awards while choosing his next victim?

I don't know anything. This Crowley girl can answer these questions. Any answers?

Anonymous said...

This section of middle village has some beautiful detached old tudors what a shame this monstrosity is
i guees he needs the space for his fat ass

Anonymous said...

Run "Bill" Run.

verdi said...

Porka miseria.....
if dis guy don't look like a goombah mouth breather !

Anonymous said...

I live near this house, WHAT A MESS! It is an accident waiting to happen. In the article it states that he has no idea why there was a stop work order issued, HELLO aren't you a lawyer? Isn't your father-in-law doing the construction. Look at the houses near this one, it towers over everything near it. He is showing no care or respect for any of the neighbors.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like some of you are jealous that you don't have the money to do such renovations....

faster340 said...

And look;

He doesn't pay his fines either. They are overdue...

Way to go. Another CRAPPY politician...


Anonymous said...

"Sounds like some of you are jealous that you don't have the money to do such renovations...."

sounds like someone who owns his own McMansion.

Or wait, maybe you want to build on St. Saviour's also.

faster340 said...

"Sounds like some of you are jealous that you don't have the money to do such renovations...."

Another idiot. "Renovations"... Yeah ok that house looks like a renovation...


Anonymous said...

I think we should all send him e-mails questions how he would handle overdevelopement is elected.

I don't want to think what the area would look like if he gets elected!

Anonymous said...

I think we should all send him e-mails questions how he would handle overdevelopement is elected.

yea, remember asking Hillary if would be our senator if we reelected her?

Anonymous said...

This points up to a real problem here in Queens. The people that run for office are really cut from the same cloth, and there is really no choice.

Anyone that stands up will be pilloried by the clubhouse run media.

A shame. A damn shame. Queens deserves better.

Anonymous said...

Ex-Cadet Gets 9 Years in Abuse / Judge: Merchant Marines' care of sex assault victim a disgrace
Author: Robert E. Kessler. STAFF WRITER, Newsday
Date: Jun 21, 2002

A former cadet at the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy in Kings Point was sentenced yesterday to 9 years in federal prison for attempted aggravated sexual abuse of a female cadet, after the weeping victim read a lengthy statement detailing how her life had been turned into "a true nightmare."

U.S. District Judge Leonard Wexler also ordered the former cadet, Francis Crowley, 25, of Glendale, to pay the woman $13,000 in psychiatric bills and legal fees the incident had cost her.
Crowley, who sat through the proceedings in Central Islip showing no emotion, said in a brief statement before sentencing that he would appeal the conviction, because "I was not guilty of the offense for which I was convicted."

The victim, whose name is being withheld by Newsday, testified at Crowley's trial and said again yesterday that he had molested her in her academy dorm room in September 1997, repeatedly asked to perform oral sex on her and then threatened her if she revealed what had occurred.

In her statement to the court, the victim said the suffering Crowley's act had caused her was com- pounded by a lack of sensitivity to her situation by many of her fellow cadets and officials of the academy.

"There is not one day or night when I am alone that I do not think of those past events ... I can no longer feel safe or secure in the same way I had before," said the woman, who had sat through the proceedings gently weeping and occasionally dabbing at her reddened eyes with a tissue. "I still cannot stay at home alone when my husband is out of town."

She added that despite the sensitiveness of the situation, officials at the academy had allowed the incident to be widely publicized on the campus and for reporting the attack she became "perpetually ostracized" by most of her classmates. She also said that when she missed some classes because of her distress "no one ... would help me, including some of the professors."

Responding to her complaints about the academy, Wexler said that Kings Point's handling of the situation appeared to be "a disgrace," and that an investigation should be undertaken into the academy's treatment of the victim.

A spokesman for the academy, Martin Skrocki, reached for comment afterward, said that not having heard the judge's or victim's comments, he could not respond directly. But Skrocki said he believed the victim had been "treated fairly."

While he said it did not affect his sentencing, Wexler directed scorn at a letter he had received from a relative of Crowley's asking for a lesser sentence.

The writer, Wexler said, said that when she was at college many male classmates acted in ways similar to Crowley, but "I did not call the police ... I guess I saw [the actions] as part of the developmental process in social interaction between young men and women whose emotional development, judgment and social skills lagged behind their physical maturity."

"I think it is the most disgusting statement I have read," Wexler said, adding that the days are over when "boys will be boys."

Several sources said the letter was written by one of Crowley's sisters and referred to her years at an Ivy League college.

A number of Crowley's relatives, who wept as the sentence was announced, declined to comment afterward, as did federal prosecutor Debra Newman.
A second former cadet who was charged in the case along with Crowley, Steven Valjato, 25, of Richmond Hill, was acquitted of aggravated sexual abuse and attempted sexual abuse during the trial last year.

Wexler imposed the sentence - the minimum under federal sentencing guidelines - despite a plea by Crowley's lawyer, Edward Shaw of Manhattan, that the sentence was excessive and that the judge should use his discretion and require his client to serve a markedly lesser term. The judge could have sentenced Crowley to up to 11 years and 3 months in prison.
Shaw argued that under state law Crowley would have probably faced a sentence of only several months in prison. Valjato and Crowley initially had been charged in state court, but their former lawyers argued successfully that the Nassau district attorney had no jurisdiction over a crime on federal property.

Anonymous said...

This asswipes mom (with no doubt help from his dad the then Governor screwed us all in Manhasset. They set up all the "bowling pins" to let North Shore LIJ take over the whole town. In 1989 Mrs.Coumo kicked my sister faxing bloodwork and medical info out of an office (threatning to get her fired)to to conduct her "personal biz"
This family and "friends" are WORSE THEN PINKY and KATZ.

Joe in Mattituck

Anonymous said...

Not only should Bob Holden run, but he should do so as an independent candidate, free from the two-party duopoly.

Anonymous said...

Anthony Como is a pelican man who is part of the big Queens GOP corruption.
Liz Crowley is dumb as a door knob.
Tom Ognibeni is as corrupt as Gallagher.
These are our candidates?
No thanks!

Anonymous said...

Take it down. Why doesn't the DOB make the owner take it down! It does not conform to zoning, it is out of character with the rest of the block, and it is way too big.
Why do we have laws?

I would be very upset if this was going up next to me.

A lawyer who has political aspirations did this? Good Luck with your campaign.

Anonymous said...

Liz Crowley has some nerve running for office.
She is a total idiot and boy oh boy, will there be fun exposing her connections (close connections) with that crook McLaughlin. Add to it her rapist brother (this is why she's close to Gallagher) and her big ally, Kathy (clean up your own house) Masi.
Can't wait for the fun to begin.

Anonymous said...

This guy is Senator Maltese's consul? Oh....... a major and huge disappointment to me.

The place should be condemmed, it is clearly rotting out and a danger to the community.

Anonymous said...

Gabe Tapalaga for City Council? No chance in hell! His wife Margaret (Play Dirty) Keta is partially responsible for Gallagher preying on women. And Gabe was and is connected to Gallagher at the hip.

Anthony Como for City Council? He can't even build a house how can he build any party unity?

Elizabeth Crowley for City Council? That's even funnier than Tapalaga. The earlier post is a good indication on the things that will come out about her. She has nothing going for her, even her name is now tainted by her and her brother's past. That family is an embarassment.

Tom Ognibene for City Council? Another possible candidate with a crooked past.

A courtesy flush would be in order in the 30th District....

Anonymous said...

Did Liz Crowley write the letter referred to in the post above? According to her bio, she did not go to an Ivy League school.

Anonymous said...

A lawyer who has political aspirations did this? Good Luck with your campaign.

As long as the newspapers say he is ok, and the politicians say he is ok, they could run a yellow dog for office and people would vote for him.

So many people, like their leadership, run on auto-pilot that they down out the alert ones every time.

Anonymous said...

It looks like a mobster's showplace!

A palazzo stu cazzo!

Anonymous said...

Lynda from councilman Gallagher's office lives just a few doors away from mr. como's house. I wonder if Pinky helped him out with the buildings department??? How can a member of the councilman's staff allow that to happen right on her own block??? Are mr. como's in-laws, who are building his house doing any free contracting for Pinky and his staff?? I could have swore I saw a dumpster outside of Pinky's house a couple of months ago and it had construction debris in it. HMMMMMMMMMMM........

Anonymous said...

Pat Adams is stupid