Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Kicking out the kidults

From DNA Info:

A new manager is taking over the restaurant inside the Playland Motel and he has promised to turn the late-night hangout into a family-friendly spot.

Dan Cipriani, who operated a Southern-style food truck at Rockaway Beach Surf Club last summer, will manage the kitchen at the Playland Tavern on Beach 98th Street and is creating a new menu in time for summer, he announced at a community meeting Thursday.

The news was welcomed by members of the Rockaway Beach Civic Association who say the popular hangout has disturbed neighbors with loud parties and rowdy crowds.

Cipriani, a father of six who also opened Lodge in Williamsburg, vowed to put an end to the Tavern's raucous reputation and said he was interested in running a wholesome restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.

"I don't plan on staying open until 4 a.m.," he said. "My vision for Playland is the exact opposite of what it was."


JQ said...

First thing, even though it's relevant to the article, I despise that word kidult and those who make up that demographic and would like a cessation of the term, also tween.

This is a bit of good news, as that area around that bogus motel was starting to resemble a lamer version of the east village with the presence of the alcoholic free spending derelicts of generation gentrification. Their presence on the beach is an aberration and shows that despite their money they contributed zilch to the town except crass behavior and their bloviated sense of entitlement.

Before the restaurant reopens they better sterilize and disinfect the place.

Anonymous said...

Liquor license?

Anonymous said...

I give it three months.

Jackson Heights Johnny said...

Let's Hope For The Best !

As an "older" Queens resident (67), I am always hopeful that FAMILY places succeed.

People like myself have limited places to go for food and drink (non-alcoholic) where we can have a relatively quiet experience.

Don't get me wrong: I have two grand-daughters, so I have nothing against young children in public places.

I just won't take them to raucous places, with rowdy drinkers.

Families NEED somewhat better atmospheres to enjoy....

Good Luck!