Sunday, April 5, 2015

Gang riot at Resorts World

From the Daily News:

All bets were off after a chair-hurling brawl broke out Friday night at the grand opening of a Fat Tuesday New Orleans-style daiquiri bar inside the Resorts World Casino in Queens, officials said.

About two dozen people were involved in the 10 p.m. brawl at the Ozone Park casino next to Aqueduct Racetrack, cops said.

There were approximately 300 people waiting in long drink lines when the fighting erupted, cops said.

An eye-popping video of the fight shows patrons hurling chairs across the room at each other and swinging gold stanchions as if they were swords.

“A lot of gang members (were involved),” a police source said.

Police estimated the damage at $2,000 but a casino spokesman described it as “minimal.”

The fight erupted inside near the daiquiri franchise shortly after it opened, but quickly spilled into an outside parking lot.

Four security guards suffered minor injuries and a cop hurt his hand trying to contain the melee, police said.

Two men were arrested for taking part in the brawl.


Anonymous said...

Begining of the month so the EBT Cards are loaded up so time to drink and gamble
Thank god section 8 pays the rent straight to the landlord or these people would be Homeless.
Sad part is No one expects them to act any differently

Anonymous said...

Too bad! In the old days near Ozone park the Italian mob would have guaranteed security. Who did not pay their protection this month?

Anonymous said...

Did you see some the smiles on the faces as mayhem was occurring ? Makes me sick...

georgetheatheist said...


Anonymous said...

We live in the era of "beat downs". A few of those in city hall would be interesting to watch. Imagine Van Bramer and Weprin at it? I mean fisticuffs, not sexual joining.

Anonymous said...

New York the cosmopolitan capital of the world... Boy are we in trouble!

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to Midnight Basketball?

Wasn't that supposed to soothe the savage inner city beast?

JQ said...

The only surprising thing is it took a while for brawl to erupt there. A big Shout Out as in Fuck You to former gov. David Peterson and the recently convicted Malcolm Excrement Young and congressman Meeks for this bane of existence that has made and broke the neighborhood.

As for this environment and culture of pavlovian violence that is celebrated and literally documented as that piece of shit illustrated as he kept filming instead of using the damn phone and call 911, this is not even the nadir as this follows and mimics that mcdonalds flatbush melee. There are recent clips were the cops arrived and more lowlifes entered the brawl and restarted the chair tossing. It's like they knew nothing would happen to them.

If anyone is responsible for this abominable decline of civilized behavior, its resorts world. There was probably some dicks who thought it would be a splendid idea to have hundreds of impatient irritated people waiting on line for a stupid theme bar, since a big long line for a restaraunt is what passes for pop culture today, instead of finding a way to organize the line,bring more security (do they even have enough?) or maybe suggesting going somewhere else in the big ass casino and come back when its less crowded.

This eyesore on the conduit has brought nothing but pawn shops just a few feet from the main entrance on rockaway blvd. and now its brought chaos and gangbangers.

And these hundreds of people seem proud, some guffawing as they are running out, to be reinforcing horrid stereotypes. This comes on the heels on that NY1 report on BerlinRosen and their pervasive influence in city hall and their interference on legislation to crack down on abusive corrupt cops.
You people are going to make this unregistered firm and others like it richer when city hall decides to reconsider stop and frisk.And your going make your neighbors,friends and relatives subject to more unreasonable searches.

This isn't the bad old days coming back, but new bad days.

Anonymous said...

Wait until this summer. Our tweeded masses will make the 1863 Draft Riot look like a fifties sock hop.

Anonymous said...

Gee I sure hope some cop didn't yell at them and ask them what planet they were from!

Anonymous said...

Why is this news?
Welcome to the church of liberal ideology,
Look a squirrel, move along.

Anonymous said...

maybe a gang was paid to create mayhem and drive out the new competition?

I have never, regardless of how drunk or stoned I was, done damage like this or participated in mob violence. Seems like such a boring thing to do. As another poster pointed out the looks on the faces of those participating are happy, gleeful and excited. They all are black.

Why are blacks being enabled and allowed to continue with this kind of behavior? Only two arrests? Why not arrest all of them? With the face recognition software they have at the casino, many more arrests could be made.

Starbucks Stan said...

Engage in the conversation: why are there no white or yellow faces in the riot?

Richard Stefan said...

Black people used to read, write, speak and English WE NEED A WAR ON EBONICS......

At all levels in school no more social promotions, we need to extend the school day to teach kids English and math. and make a HS diploma mean something Mike Brown "graduated" from the 2nd worst school in St Louis what was his diploma worth...yes he was functionally illiterate too.

Second If you apply for any welfare food stamps medicaid you will be required to sit in class 15-20 hours a week and learn English and Mathor no EBT card. And that includes USING YOUR REAL NAME ON FACEBOOK and replying in English not ghetto......there was no trayvon martin FB page but there was a gangsta one!

Third eliminate all time off for good behavior and parole.....Let the prisoner decide how long they want to stay in jail...we all like choices right? read the NYTimes in front of a parole board and we'll give you a second chance

We must stop basing everything on race and see where the real problem is....massive functional illiteracy

Anonymous said...

Hey these people all bet on
"ObamaNation" a long shot in the 9th race and Won,now its Party Time with all that Free Money
The Democratic Plantation is Busting at the seems
What happens when all the Free Money runs out?

Anonymous said...

And they wonder why the world laughs at them.

Anonymous said...

There was a shoot out in the parking lot after the riot,one arrest but no mention in th we papeq Why ?

They don't want to scare off the whites who gamble
Come one and all to the race track
In the ghetto, gamble,eat,drink and DIE!!!

Anonymous said...

Come to the track and Bet on your life you can leave in a body bag
Its Fun,Its Racingll

Anonymous said...

The fix is in,tell everyone you know
To bet everything they have on
"RACE RIOT 2016"
AL Sharpton ownes "RACE RIOT 2016"
Its a Sure Bet,Can't Lose!!!

Gary W said...

Modern Dem policies in action. Keep them poor, drunk and stupid!

Coming soon to a county upstate!

Anonymous said...

Savages...... It is what it is
It's fairly easyvto a rifle shotgun permit in NYC. If you act now you may be able to hace yor shotgun by the summer. And don't forget led lighting ,cameras. A strong door with 3 hinges a deadlock with an extended striker plate is a necessity....... Hello 1990.........don't be a sheep!

georgetheatheist said...

Cant wait for the summer. DeBlaz will be on top of everything.

RWisEvil said...

The RW free shuttle zooms by constantly, picking up as many desperately poor people as they can and bringing them to casino so they can gamble away literally every last penny. If Wilhelm truly gave the slightest scrap of a crap about his poverty-stricken constituents, he would be fighting desperately to close RW. But I guess the people he is gifting with free housing (in Pan Am and every last dirty by-the-hour motel on Queens Blvd) need a place to go to blow off steam and try to win big.

Starbucks Stan said...

Engage in the conversation:

"Shit is lit".

Richard Iritano said...

I remember how eloquently that disgraced Senator Joe Addabbo, Jr. sounded (yes, he's disgraced because he lies, cheats and steals--easier than he breathes), when he laughably extolled the virtues of how a foreign gambling mill like Genting would benefit the communities of South Ozone Park, Ozone Park, and beyond, with a renewed sense of business that would flourish.

In fact, I wish he hadn't said anything at all--because he could have said anything else, and I would have believed him (as it relates to the Racino, that is). But, this strains all credibility, even by his voracious standards of corruption, graft and dishonesty!

What really is happening at the Racino is exactly what I predicted would happen---and long before ground was even broken!

Back in 2008, my prediction spelled out how Genting, a foreign, global gambling mill would look to set up operations in New York, and lure (actually, siphon), the dying remnants of revenue away from Atlantic City (and to a lesser degree, Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun--where they have top level entertainment and gaming tables), and concentrate their focus on the most disenfranchised, working poor members of Queens County (and other marginal parts), until they completely succeed at entrenching their well researched demographic with highest profit margins---and their impoverished subjects be duped, fleeced and damned.

So, thank you Andrew Cuomo, and Senator "ADHD" Addabbo, for creating more noise and sight pollution in southeastern Queens, where the only ones profiting from this behemoth of a debacle are the foreign purveyors themselves (Genting), and corrupt and monstrously self serving politicians---like you and Jolly Jerk Joe (AKA, the "friendly robbers")

Meanwhile, stable job growth and development is harder to find here than a legal alien (or, should I say, an illegal alien who doesn't carry a fake SS card, EBT card and anything else that bilks honest taxpayers' with impunity)!

In fact, the only secure employment that delivers a living wage (that keeps pace with inflation), is the "friends & family" employment package of cronyism and nepotism, that you've both so generously padded city and state payrolls with, regarding an endless roster of relatives, cousins-in-law, friends and childhood acquaintances!

Men have been hanged for less---far less!

Richard Iritano said...

Of equally compelling note, I also predicted that Resorts World would attract a steady stream of dysfunctional, unemployed transients, low wage workers, troublemakers, violence, graft, corruption, theft, drugs and prostitution.

So, far the only two predictions that have yet to make their premiere are the latter two, But, just wait, Andrew Cuomo and Joe Addabbo---they'll soon be arriving with the rest of the quality of life issues that you both don't have to live with in your own backyard, but who continue to enjoy undeserved (and unearned) visibility from yet another local neighborhood destroyed by the insidious forces of gambling. It's bad enough that South Ozone Park and Ozone Park are now officially gateways to the Third World--and just when I didn't think it could possibly get any worse---Voila!

Nice work, guys! Not a bad gig in the bizarr-o world of state government corruption, graft and dysfunction that never ends--and you two unfunny clowns are the reason why.

Calling on Preet Bharara! Jail cell for two more!