Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Jimmy Van Bramer wants to make government approved public performance obstructions a permanent thing


City Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer introduced legislation (Intro. 2398) that would make the temporary Open Culture permit program permanent and year-round.

More than 220 Open Culture permits have been granted since the program’s inception, with more than 450 outdoor performances and rehearsals taking place across the five boroughs so far.

The program was created in response to traditional performance venues closing their doors in March 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Since its launch, the Open Culture program has become a vital tool for cultural institutions, performance venues and artists to share their work with the public, earn revenue and activate city streets with music, dance and performance art.

“By making the Open Culture program a permanent fixture in New York City, we will not only provide an additional lifeline for our artists, performers and vital cultural organizations, it will also create an exciting new norm for diverse performances throughout the city,” Van Bramer said.

In addition to making the Open Culture program permanent, his legislation will expand eligibility requirements to allow more arts organizations and artists to apply, and will also increase the number of available streets for permits.

The bill also creates a new annual reporting requirement, evaluating benefits and challenges of the program, potential funding, and production support from the city, as well as reviewing applicant feedback.

“Open Culture is an important first step using streets in every neighborhood for culture of every kind,” New Yorkers for Culture & Arts Executive Director Lucy Sexton said. “With more support for the artists bringing music, dance, words and art to our neighborhoods, the program could show the world that NYC prioritizes culture and community.”


Anonymous said...

You mean that we can now see the Quotation drone perform his rants in public?
Great news’s.

Anonymous said...

Freaks gotta have somewhere to freak. This is what happens when your elected class consists of either grifters or degenerates, or both.

Anonymous said...

Every conservative and libertarian able to get out of NYC should do so.

Anonymous said...

That's just how stupid NYC democrats actually are.
The way I see it, if we want to preserve democracy, leftism needs to be defined as a debilitating mental illness (because it is) and they shouldn't be allowed to vote.

Deke DaSilva said...

So if I understand this legislation, Jimmy Van Bramer is just going to legalize all the deranged homeless and opioid addicted lunatics walking the streets?

Anonymous said...

Amazing how the freedom loving right are so upset about street performers getting freedoms.

Is it because they think all street performers are communists?

Anonymous said...

Fiscal Conservative said...
"Is it because they think all street performers are communists?"
No Joker, I'm only concerned with my own private affairs and not with those who picked a poor college degree or failed to learn a trade. I always advocate low taxes, reduced government spending and minimal government debt. We must end deficits that the next generation can't afford. It's simple pick up a book and read.

Anonymous said...

@"Every conservative and libertarian able to get out of NYC should do so."

As a libertarian myself, I respect peoples right to perform whatever they like, wherever they like without regulation. It doesn't matter if they are rich, poor or crackheads. As long as they don't put someones life in danger and that person is unable to move to a safer location.

Only a fascist or communist would want to prevent people exercising their freedoms.

Earl Browder said...

Is it because they think all street performers are communists?

That's redundant.

Anonymous said...

@"As a libertarian myself" "without regulation" Pinko Nut job alert !!!
Are three card Monte-players performers too ?

Anonymous said...

@"Are three card Monte-players performers too ?"

Yes, not much different in their trade than lawyers, car dealers, salespeople of any type, stock brokers and analysts, construction business owners, small business owners,
CEO's. Actually, nearly all business owners.

They're all looking to cheat you out of your money one way or another.

Who are you to decide who or what is proper job business ? Stick your nose out of other peoples business you fascist.

Anonymous said...

@"Stick your nose out of other peoples business you fascist"
OK big time Bolshevik !

Da Homeless Hero ain't no hero said...

This will only lead to the privatization of public streets. They don't hate cars because it's bad for the environment. They just want more room for development and certain kinds of people to live in NYC, while everyone else gets corralled elsewhere. They also don't give a fuck about poor people except when its convenient to use them as pawns like Da Homeless Hero Shams DaBaron. Do you think Da Homeless Hero is a real hero or just a stooge for dark money in politics?