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de Blasio's D.O.T. imposing busways in Jamaica that residents do not want
D.O.T Commissioner Gutman: Asshole





















Queens Chronicle

A “Better Buses” busway pilot will continue on schedule in Downtown Jamaica despite backlash from a previous initiative on Merrick Boulevard that was implemented last year and led to a recent modification of bus enforcement times as a result of a petition and complaints from community leaders and elected officials. 

“I saw [the announcement],” said Candace Prince-Modeste, the Southeast Queens activist who created a petition for a modified enforcement period of the bus lane on Merrick Boulevard. “It feels like they’ve moved onto the next project without fully bringing the Merrick one to a resolution. And I don’t believe that enough residents are aware of these proposed changes to the Downtown area.”

The city’s Department of Transportation, however, said it launched a community outreach process with a series of open houses and nearly 20 events with community advisory board to gather feedback on its proposal throughout 2020 and 2021, according to the Sept. 15 announcement. 

Prince-Modeste’s “Demand Rush Hour Only Bus Lanes on Merrick” petition, has 875 signatures out of its target goal of 1,000 as of Sept. 16 and brought enough attention to the Springfield Gardens and surrounding Southeast area of the bus lane that elected officials have chosen not to support similar changes in Downtown Jamaica on Jamaica and Archer avenues and the DOT modified its 24/7 bus lane enforcement, which led to excessive ticketing and lack of foot traffic to small businesses in the area. Instead, there will be a 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. enforcement period. 

“Despite vocal opposition from the Southeast Queens community against the Merrick Boulevard bus lane, the DOT implemented it anyway,” said Councilwoman Adrienne Adams (D-Jamaica) to the Chronicle via email. “The agency has once again ignored the voices of our community, leading to numerous issues and worsening traffic conditions along this busy corridor.”

Adams also feels that the DOT should have addressed problems with poor street lighting, ill-fitted two-way streets in dire need of one-way conversion and washed out or missing street signs throughout City Council District 28 and surrounding districts first. 

“Therefore, I must oppose the new busway pilots on Jamaica Avenue and Archer Avenue,” said Adams. “Until the DOT can truly address our community’s concerns, we stand against this ill-advised pilot program.”

The DOT, however, said that is committed to installing new and improved bus lanes by fall to improve bus speeds for thousands of riders in Southeast Queens. 

“Keeping New Yorkers moving is essential to getting our friends and neighbors back to work as New York City’s recovery continues, and these new busways will speed the commutes of 250,000 daily riders through downtown Jamaica,” said DOT Commissioner Hank Gutman in a prepared statement.

 Queens Chronicle

Drivers who find themselves behind or ahead of the Q4, Q5, Q84, N4 or the N4X buses on Merrick Boulevard between Hillside Avenue and Springfield Boulevard have a 60-day warning period for bus lane violations starting Sept. 21.

The specified bus lanes are a part of Mayor de Blasio’s Better Buses initiative to improve bus speeds by expanding automated camera enforcement, according to the city Department of Transportation.

Initially, the DOT intended on having 24/7 enforcement, but after pushback from the Community Advisory Board and members who live along the Southeast Queens area, the hours were adjusted to 6 a.m. to 7 p.m Monday to Friday, according to the agency. With the activation of bus lane cameras, the mayor’s 30th Better Buses corridor will have signage indicating that the bus lanes are camera-enforced to inform drivers about the program. Since violations will be issued against the vehicle, not the driver, points are not added to motorists’ licenses.

However, a single violation will cost drivers $50 and fines will increase for bus lane violations incurred in a single year to upwards of $250 after a fifth offense, according to the agency. The DOT will work with the NYPD to enforce bus lanes citywide and will add additional camera-enforced routes over time.

”Community residents and I remain up in arms about DOT’s woefully inadequate efforts and blatant disregard for course correction,” said state Sen. Leroy Comrie (D-St. Albans). “DOT’s wrongheaded policy has made it nigh impossible for a full flow of traffic along Merrick Boulevard particularly between Baisley Boulevard and Liberty Avenue where there are illegally long-term parked vehicles stored by auto body and repair shops.”

Comrie said that he understands that the safety of pedestrians, cyclists and motorists are paramount, but he finds the measure to be unnecessarily punitive and that it fails to reimagine public transit granularly.

“Commuters, drivers and anyone trying to travel along the corridor are frustrated at the now lengthy time that it takes to get from one point to the next because of this unwanted restriction,” said Comrie. “Despite the adjustments made after the recently conducted review of the 24/7 Merrick Boulevard bus lane, DOT has still not made a reasonable move to peak hour traffic enforcement as suggested by many local advocates. It is truly unfair to residential drivers to have to suffer through overreaching enforcement when the bad actors are not being regulated consistently.”


Anonymous said...

"I don’t believe that enough residents are aware of these proposed changes to the Downtown area.”

That is what the Democrats like - keep people in the dark, feed them crap, and they become mushrooms that hold their hats and look at their feet when the Man comes into the room ready to receive their gifts and praise.

Anonymous said...

If you don't want busways, you aint black!

Anonymous said...

So now it's buses you don't like?
I thought it was just bicycles. How are the poor old ladies going to get to their doctors appointments on time if their bus is stuck in traffic? How are kids going to get to and from school while fat ass'd clowns cruise around in their bus sized personal vehicles?
How are regular working people going to get to work in time while the elite insist on taking their cars and creating unnecessary obstacles for public transport?

Queens Blvd, Northern Blvd, Woodhaven Blvd, and all the major roads in Queens should have dedicated bus lanes.
Who cares what the right wing elite think.

Anonymous said...

"Who cares what the right wing elite think'
THERE IS A RIGHT WING ? In NYC ? Back on the meds boy.

Anonymous said...

commissar gutman knows what is best for everybody.

Anonymous said...

"Who cares what the right wing elite think"

These are Democratic left wing elected officials complaining about the bus lanes. Funny when the narrative doesn't work out to your liking, though. Try again next time!

Anonymous said...

Maybe we should rename this blog, "The Queens Cry Baby"

Anonymous said...

Back on the meds boy.

Apparently he ate his copy of the Communist Manifesto from freeloader Karl Marx.
Yep, he is that stupid.

JQ LLC said...

@Anon re: rename

I'm going to guess you don't live in Jamaica. Or Queens.

Anonymous said...

They will never be satisfied anyway. They literally live right by subways and so many bus routes. Try being stuck in a neighborhood where the bus only come once every 30 minutes and your commute takes 4 hours long to get to and from work.

JQ LLC said...

@Anon re: elite

I had no idea aristocrat car owners lived in Jamaica and used Merrick Blvd for commuting. In bus-size cars.

Save that shit talk for Transportation Taliban twitter and facebook threads.

Anonymous said...

***Maybe we should rename this blog, "The Queens Cry Baby"***

I don't think the owners of this blog should rename anything after you.

Sorry ass sandbox commie activist that you are.

Anonymous said...

@"I had no idea aristocrat car owners lived in Jamaica".
Jamaica Estates has a few, minus one with a big fat ass.

Anonymous said...

People in Jamaica Estates do not travel south of HiLlside Avenue