Thursday, January 25, 2018

Spotlight on the Speaker

From CBS 2:

Corey Johnson, the new speaker of the New York City Council, vows to be independent and mount his own investigations of city agencies.

And if Johnson does not agree with mayoral policies, he says he will challenge them.

CBS2 Political Reporter Marcia Kramer said Tuesday that there is a new wind blowing at City Hall.


Anonymous said...

Maybe he will and maybe he won't, but the terrorist-honoring, illegals uber alles days of MMV are over, and the mayor is a lame duck with a gov. and a president who won't stand for his crap. Next 4 years shouldn't be too bad.

JQ LLC said...

"I love to eat"???

Other things Corey loves are donor money from the real estate overlords of the Gentrification Industrial Complex and the political prince making push of Diamond Joe Crowley.

These are all very nice words, statements and promises from the new speaker. But it's clear that this new effort at transparency is coming from a collective palpable fear amongst the elected dems of the constituents (not only the informed ones) awareness of their brazen lack of credibility and the general bullshit going around this town. Which is currently experiencing a new gilded age and depression that have exacerbated under these policies and their pandering to transients and tourists while overlooking the needs of the middle class and working poor while Corey was making moves during his miraculous rise in city politics and office.

At the end of the interview with Ms. Kramer, Corey's answers to her one word issues were all manufactured talking points and parsed words so not to offend. And his observations about elected officials brought down and governing by corruption might turn out to be a self-fulfilling prophecy considering recent reports in Progress Queens about his shady superpac fund raising along with Crowley and electoral campaign violations, the latter very noteworthy since he was running unopposed.

And his claims and coins of sobriety is tainted by a birthday party he held for himself at a former SRO hotel that got flipped to luxury by a real estate firm he once lobbied for. He was caught dancing around wearing a tiara. Usually, acts of unbridled self-esteem and lack of shame gets enhanced with a excessive dose of liquid or even powdered courage.

In a way, Corey has been the night mayor for quite a while, since he also gets big donor cash from nightclubs. And the hotel industry too, so expect him to continue and approve de Faustio's Dickensian warehousing of homeless people in hotels.

The new speaker has achieved quite a lot in such a short amount of time and did while getting loaded off his ass. He is sort of a prodigy but naturally a hustler, probably 20/80 (hey just like the affordable housing distribution in 421a towers!!). It may be too soon to judge, but this guy cannot be believed or trusted with the distribution of services for this city and it's citizens.

Prediction: He will get caught doing something stupid, corrupt,embarrassing or something #metoo related, and step down in 18 months. But he will be there long enough for the tower pestilence and the disenfranchising and displacement of the middle class and working poor people to continue unabated.

Anonymous said...

Mabye he can start an investigation committee to investigate the bullshit the city council does and gets away with.

Anonymous said...

It's only a matter of time (one year) before the disease called 'power' infects his brain and he reneges on his promises.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't every new Speaker promise to be independent?

Anonymous said...

As long as he doesn't introduce ineffective progressive policies like Viverito i think he'll do a good job.

Anonymous said...

He'll be independent of the mayor, but will he be independent of Crowley?