Wednesday, January 3, 2018

One of the Rikers jails slated for closure

From PIX11:

Before the summer is over, one of the nine jail facilities on Rikers Island will be shut down.

That was the announcement on Tuesday from the Bill de Blasio Administration, which said that the move is the first step in a larger process of completely closing Rikers by 2027.

The announcement raised questions about the overall shutdown process, and also sparked criticism by the correction officers' union of City Hall's motives.

"Nobody's being realistic in talking about how they're actually going to shut the jails down," said Elias Husamudeen, president of the Correction Officers' Benevolent Association, or COBA, the correction officers' union.

In fact, Husamudeen said, relocating the facility's 580 inmates to other facilities on the 400-acre island will crowd cells and halls at those other facilities, making overall conditions less safe.


georgetheatheist said...

Breaking News:

DeBlasio Leaves Queens Nabes Vulnerable to Prison Riots.

Exclusive video footage HERE.

Anonymous said...

How about mayor dumbdumb house them in his own rental homes?

JQ LLC said...

For something that's suppose to happen gradually in 10 years sure looks like it's being fast tracked. It's clear that the inmates from this closure are either going to be stockpiled in another jail on the island, which will cause more strife for the undermanned c.o.'s or are going to be transferred to a courthouse jail near you. Chaos is going to definitely ensue.

That Laurel and Hardy video was actually disturbing even if it was tempered with Stan's mishandling of the machine gun.

georgetheatheist said...

(1:00:49) "Now we can make our get-away through the Left Wing!"

georgetheatheist said...
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(sarc) said...

Less prosecutions and extreme plea bargain arrangements.

This will drop the worst of the worst right back into our neighborhoods.

Remember MS13 and other illegal miscreants will be fast tracked out of the system and back onto OUR streets to prevent deportations.

Truth is oft stranger than fiction...

Anonymous said...

The Land Grab has begun. The first building closing is on the fast track because there's lots of money to be made and the Mayor only has 4 years to stuff his pockets. I predict the first jail will be dumped in Maspeth, since the residents called out the Mayor over the homeless shelter at the Holiday Inn and shed a light on his warehousing. Forget putting them in bad neighborhoods. He's hell-bent on destroying nice neighborhoods -- but not his own.

TommyR said...

Shutting down a dedicated, geographically isolated, centralized facility because of it's too hard to overhaul the administration due to moral failures? One of the dumbest things I've ever heard fr BDB...and that's saying something! Hope Kew enjoys their new (old) jail...

Pardon Us is a classic. How DID Stan smuggled in that tommy gun? :V

Anonymous said...

Here comes that new runway for La Guardia airport

Alexei said...

Is any of that prime gated island land or development rights for sale yet ?
This will be very good for private condo community. I no like live in gone to hell Astoria where step in the piss, dogshit, garbage and vomit Sunday mornings from all the drunkard пьяниц !

Anonymous said...

The first jail will be dumped in Maspeth is a given now because those people tossed one of his top 5 lap puppets Liz Crowley out on her ass !
You can bet payback is coming, the gears of revenge are already turning at Fresh Pond and Metro and a hack Sewer project in Middle Village.
I feel bad for all those Archie Bunker white people, I guess it will be prime time to shop for a house in those areas shortly

A. Bunker said...

Jail in Maspeth?

Nah. Holden will kick de Blasio's Commie ass.

Me too.

Gary W said...

KG residents don't care about the jail!! They just want new trees planted.

TommyR said...

Bunker lived on Cooper off of Woodhaven/Metropolitan, across from the cemetery. Or at least that's what the exterior shots used for his house. The show purported he and Edith (and the meathead) were on a fictional Hauser st, in Corona.

Anyhow, there aren't many "Archie Bunker" types around - and there never were. Maspeth is full of first and second wave immigrants from Southern and now Eastern Europe. I-talians and polski. Not for no reason the homes there are kept fairly well - plenty of professional tradesman among them. Take a look at most of the westbound commercial traffic crossing the W'msburg bridge any given morning - it's work vans for plumbing, electrical, HVAC, you name it..from Maspeth and the surrounding environs (sometimes Middle Village and Ridgewood too).

Maspeth and neighbors (see: COMET) try to keep to ourselves and leave well enough alone, and be left alone. We have had better than mixed success less to do with any political pull with City Hall (ha) than having close ties to the local precincts, firehouses, and just watching out for one another. A lost practice today in most other parts of the City. Easy enough to keep an eye on things when you the guy across the street in his single family home. Less so when it's a faceless tower.

Anonymous said...

So this is how the new real estate fraud is being played out:

First, publish a study that crime is down to 1950's level.

Second, have the NYPD massage some of the stats to fit First.

Third, now they are ready to start closing Rikers Island, get the prime real estate for the highest bidder and start moving the jails to the outer communities like mentioned in some of the posts above.

Just one question here, at what point will the feds step in to investigate some of these blatant, in your face frauds?

Wait a minute, they can't, no time for real crimes, Russia is more important.
The crazy witch running her email server is not that important.
Some say the patients are running the asylum.

JQ LLC said...

You know what's interesting about the Captain's allegations of NYPD statistic malfeasance? The way they classify resisting arrest, from felony assaults to misdemeanors. This is going to encourage, if it hasn't already, more skells to battle with cops and resisting arrest, knowing the fact that they won't serve hard time. (Although it's not even close to the allegations of reducing descriptions of shootings to criminal mischief).

This requires attention form the U.S. attorney general, but that goober is too busy trying to recriminalize pot in states where it was voted and legislated for legalization.

The patients are running the asylum, in both parties.

Anonymous said...

and so it begins...the silent majority better wake up and roar about this. Otherwise, we can expect these jails in our back yards. This is just a well financed land grab, with us the taxpayers left holding the bag of shit.

Anonymous said...

This requires attention form the U.S. attorney general

Except he is part of the Deep State, can't even stand for his boss.
What a scumbag!

Anonymous said...

Only those committing an A,B or C Felony will be arrested / charged. Every lesser crime,it’s ok,it’s a cultural thing.

Anonymous said...

> The way they classify resisting arrest, from felony assaults to misdemeanors. This is going to encourage, if it hasn't already, more skells to battle with cops and resisting arrest, knowing the fact that they won't serve hard time.

Doubtful. The deterrent to resisting arrest isn't the fear of jail time, it's the knowledge that the cops will make sure you "fall down the stairs" a whole bunch of times if you do it.