Saturday, January 20, 2018

City moves families out of shelter and moves in single men

From Eyewitness News:

At a time of record homelessness in New York City, especially among homeless families, there is a controversy about a shelter in Queens.

A hotel in Long Island City is no longer taking in some homeless families.

Families were given new locations in other boroughs where they had to report Wednesday night. But the transportation promised in that letter never showed up until well after Eyewitness News called the city for answers.

Suddenly a bus which had been parked there before we arrived opened its doors and people finally started loading up. No answers, no apology, no way to live.

You can't trust the government.


ron s said...

Shitty treatment of people already with enough problems.

Joe Moretti said...

So why weren't these single men, who were already homeless and not living anywhere, put up in the hotel on the Upper East Side, instead of moving the women and their children out of LIC and to the Upper East Side. That makes no sense at all, but then this whole warehousing human beings in hotels NOT made for living makes no sense at all and then their is the fact that the homeless population grew about 7000 since deBlasio hit office. Sure he did not cause this situation, many past folks are to blame. But when you take over office, take over companies, etc, then whatever problems there are BECOME YOURS and YOURS TO ADDRESS PROPERLY and FIX. Homeless, NYCHA, subway, etc.

HOMELESS equals BIG BUSINESS. Just admit it Blaz.

JQ LLC said...

Outrageous all around.

This exposes de Faustio's and the DHS (the dumbasses of homeless services)horrendous homeless policy, even if it is steeped in historic city government crass incompetence and indifference and what is truly his real affordable housing plan for working poor families and individuals in this rising inequitable and now impossible to reside in city.

Really, they send a fucking school bus to transport these poor people? And after they got caught.

What is eerie is that why did they choose this hotel for families in the first place and then switched to individuals? Is it the location being super hot L.I.C? Is it easier to hide the plight of single men than it is of families with children?

It would be nice to know how these families got to where they are, because these people in the segment look like they should be able to afford to live in apartments and had enough personal belongings to move around in. And they definitely aren't crazy or belligerent either. And especially which supposed non-profit association is involved with the hotel those people got evicted from and where they are now, for now they will surely have to transfer schools for their kids.

And again these decisions are coming with no warning to the community. This ambush, for it is one, comes days after de Faustio and the dumbasses of homeless services converted a hotel to a shelter smack across the street from the rear entrance of the billionaire tower on 57th st., which in fact is mostly unoccupied anyway and a virtual money laundering depository. It makes one wonder if that was decided to score points with the liberal sect.

The year is still young, but there is a scandal brewing here along with the top brass shake up and the whitewashing of crimes at the NYPD.

Anonymous said...

The story says nothing about the school children who were uprooted and taken from local schools, off to who-knows-where, right at the end of the semester or during mid-terms at some schools. What about the children?

Joe Moretti said...

So how is this crap considered Democratic liberalism. I thought that entailed actually helping people who need to help, not fucking them over more. Nothing about this mayor and his failed administration is liberal or progressive. It seems anymore, Democrat, Republican, conservative, liberal, they are all the same thing, ASSHOLES.

Anonymous said...

The bigger question is what is the city doing for people that are on the brink of homelessness why not try to keep them in the housing that they already have rather then shuffle them around. AND - why is the city giving financial support and housing to illegals and not housing them in shelters ?!?!.

Anonymous said...

No, it's not the government's fault.

Who is responsible are the employees at both HRA Human Resources Administration (Welfare or DSS, Dept of Social Services- old names) and Dept of Homeless Services. These agency employees do the bare minimum of work and only when forced to do so. The case workers are to blame and their PAA's. Blame their lousy union, DC 37 and the one for the supervisors, PAA's. They are affirmative action hires, they know very little and care even less. Another big problem are the illegal immigrants and convicted felons working at both HRA and DHS.

You can work for the city if you have any kind of criminal record, you just can't have an OPEN warrant.

HRA is run by the black mafia. They all feel that it is for black women and do everything to push out employees who are not of their race. They have to put up with the immigrants but bully and endlessly harass them - especially if they are white.

The HRA and DHS employee have open hostility towards Americans and this country. DC 37, their union, backs DeBlasio, he gets all the money from their PAC. Stop DC 37 and you stop this nonsense. Go to the real root of the problem. Put DOI and Federal investigators in every single HRA and DHS office.

Anonymous said...

"You can't trust the government"??? Who said it was the government's responsibility to house people to begin with? Plenty of cheap living outside of NYC, folks. Feel free to move anytime and start fresh.

Anonymous said...

"The HRA and DHS employee have open hostility towards Americans and this country."

As a former HRA employee, I dispute this baseless claim of Anon. i am an American citizen (born right here in NYC) white male, with a master's degree who has worked in public service for years. my job was not handed to me. i do not have a criminal record, not have i have any kind of warrant against me.

i will not dispute that there is an overwhelming disparity between white and black workers in HRA, of male to female and of American to immigrant; but your post above is a despicable indictment of an entire agency without knowing the people who actually try to make a difference in it.

sounds like someone got their SNAP cut.

TommyR said...

For all the talk the City and BDB does about valuing space utilization and density-efficiency metrics, seems real interesting they'd take out a family out of a space to replace with a single solitary individual.