Wednesday, January 24, 2018

2 workers die in falls in separate incidents

From PIX11:

A 26-year-old man doing repairs on a Queens roof was the second man killed in a fall Tuesday.

John Davie fell to the ground from a Saunders Street building around just before 3 p.m., police said. He suffered severe trauma to his head and body in the fall.

A 33-year-old elevator technician was killed in a fall earlier Tuesday. Jucong Wu fell down an elevator shaft while working at a construction site in the Flatiron District. Wu plunged from the ninth floor where he was working to the bottom of the elevator shaft just before 9 a.m.

A man was killed when he fell down an elevator shaft at a Manhattan construction site.

He was employed by U-Tek Elevator, Inc., an NYC Department of Buildings official said. The elevator firm was installing an elevator car at a new 12-story hotel project when the worker, who was not tied to a protective line, fell.

The Buildings Department issued a full stop-work order on the construction project.


Anonymous said...

Cue the illegal alien and non-union chorus.

Anonymous said...

He was probably an illegal. These construction companies just hire illegals so they don't have to pay workers compensation or health benefits. They should all be fined HEAVILY for hiring illegals and having unsafe work conditions.

Anonymous said...

No info if they are legal immigrants?

TommyR said...

More details:

John Davie of Flushing, 26, was renovating the window when he tumbled out the top-floor apartment at Saunders St. near 62nd Drive in Rego Park about 2:55 p.m. Tuesday, police sources said.

He fell six stories. Freak accident, can't find out whether he was working from a lift or the inside, and whether that would've necessitated being tied off. Terrible way to go.

ron s said...

Re the elevator accident, let me guess:
1) Poor training or
2) No training
3) No safety equipment or
4) Safety equipment not used
5) No Inspections or
6) Inspector payoffs

Anything missing?

Anonymous said...

Probably non union site safety....terrible for the family.

But this is what happens when you have the opportunity to purchase illegal and cheap labor. The temptation is too great and the profit to large.

(sarc) said...

The story mistakenly claims the poor victims died in falls.

However it was not the fall that caused their tragic demise, it was their quite abrupt stop at the end of their journey.

May their souls be at peace!!!

Anonymous said...

hey tommy
dont matter
its always still your choice to tie off
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so its on me
insurance paid, the wife would probly b happy