Monday, January 29, 2018

Maspeth developer attacks police

From the Daily News:

Prosecutors have charged a Queens homeowner with hurling a brick at a cop during a brawl over renovation permits, authorities said Wednesday.

Edward Wysk, 51, allegedly struck NYPD Officer Randy Paulsaint with the brick on Maspeth Ave. near 59th St. in Maspeth around 12:30 p.m. Tuesday.

Wysk is also accused of assaulting Paulsaint’s partner and a city Department of Environmental Protection agent who was issuing a stop-work order on his home because he didn’t have the proper paperwork to show that asbestos had been removed from the building.

Wysk was in the middle of gutting and renovating the Maspeth property when DEP Agent Michael Lateef arrived and told him he had to shut down over the paperwork issue.

Outraged, Wysk ripped the stop-work order and Lateef’s credentials from his hands and threw them on the ground, according to prosecutors. When Lateef called police, Wysk smashed the agent’s phone against a wall, authorities said.

When Officer Paulsaint and his partner, Officer Matthew Portales, arrived and approached the front door, Wysk allegedly hurled a brick from inside the home.

The flying brick crashed through a window and struck Paulsaint in the head. Portales ran in to arrest Wysk and injured his arm in the scuffle.

Responding officers took Wysk into custody along with two construction workers who were initially thought to be the brick tossers. The workers were questioned and released without charges, officials said.


Anonymous said...

Why wasn't an ID check, arrest, or even a detainment pending verification or warrant check done on the 2 illegals who had the bricks

Anonymous said...

Isn't this the same property in question that Help Me Howard recently did a report ?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Where does it say they were illegals?

If he was the owner why would the headline be 'Maspeth Developer...'?

Just another maladjusted jackass in NYC.

Anonymous said...

Because an illegal non-citizen who is of benefit to the Democratic Party gets special treatment and is exempt from government laws as the Democratic Party considers the US Government as a merely a tool for their interests.

The rest of us are treated to the abuse of a 2nd grade bully from our councilman if we have the courage to think and express a non-scripted opinion - at least that is the way they do things in Queens.

Queens Crapper said...

Not the same as Help Me Howard. This is on Maspeth Ave, other was on 61st Street.

Gary W said...

Imagine if more people acted like this when agents of the city came to shake you down.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

We know the facts cause we live on the same street as this slob. Its said he had some accident or problem and has a metal plate or something in his head from an operation.

1-Not one of those workers I tried to communicate can speak English, they apparently only know the words "speak to boss" then point at somebody
2-The workers run in the house or the back of the truck when anybody official looking shows up.

Anonymous said...

Nowhere in the story does it say it was illegals; it actually says they weren't even the ones who threw the bricks.

So maybe next time you guys should shut your mouth and keep quiet when you don't know what's going on.

Anonymous said...

So maybe next time you guys should shut your mouth and keep quiet when you don't know what's going on.

Don't worry we know what's going on, so the whole world will know about the immigration and DACA racket used to guarantee democratic voters.

Anonymous said...

So maybe next time you guys should shut your mouth and keep quiet when you don't know what's going on.

This is a Disgruntled Dreamer? Don't like us speaking out ? Love it or leave it.

They want us to shut our mouths so they continue to invade and pillage. No member of their families joined the military who died for the USA or came back maimed. They never did anything for anyone other than their own nationality.

Disgruntled Dreamer if us don't keep our mouths shut and stay quiet, then exactly what will you do? Bully all the Queens Crap readers?

As for the all caps poster who alleges you all like to pretend you are ICE Agents. Speak for yourself. But I do agree with you. We need a lot more ICE Agents on the number 7 subway line, on Roosevelt Avenue and definitely in Jackson Heights. There should be a permanent ICE office and holding cell on 74th Street/Roosevelt Avenue. I'm thinking thousands of ICE Agents.

Anonymous said...

"Nowhere in the story does it say it was illegals"

Of course it doesn't because the press & cops are banned from using those words.
The cops are also banned from implying ANY disclosure or comment regarding immigration status to the press or anybody including ICE and other law enforcement agency's.
The press is monitored by the mayors office and the cops have orders to follow or can face arrest, suspension & court-martial, loss of pension.

The mayor, governor and people like Chuck Schumer, Clinton protect illegals more then us. --And anybody with a 1/2 a brain knows why.

Anonymous said...

A lot of people commenting are going to hell. Hopefully some form of hell on earth. Shame on you all. Your birthright of citizenship doesn't entitle you to type hurtful crap and believe your right. You poor, suffering bigot. Hate hurts. Watch your salt intake. Or don't.

Anonymous said...

Here are your elected officials breaking the law:

Send ICE for them first.

Joe said...

Nothing to do with hate, Nobody here going to hell
Its all about countless laws being broken and the folks paying for all the “shit” receiving zero representation for all the trouble.
Its about feral uneducated invaders who don’t contribute shit who simply brake in, trespass, squat, populate and consume like locusts till nothing is left. Then move on repeating the process.
Let Canada, the Pope, Crowley, Chucky or Nancy Pelosi take them home and GTF out of here !!
Its no wonder these parasites turned their home countries into complete shitholes in just one generation, now wanna come here to do the same dam thing.
Reintroducing nasty disease (irradiated 50 years ago) into this country included.

“Locust Inhabitants” and law breaking and we are fed up with it. If immigrants want "immigrate" to this country they got to do it legally and go through the process, education, skill, health and criminal background checks included.
These dam democrats want these Locust Inhabitants and their numerous children for democrat voters dependent on the government for life. Its a plan so they can take control and impose socialism. A master plan to kill capitalism and steal the general populates land, wealth and money as in another "obamcare like fix" for everything, government mandated re-distribution of wealth, controls & bullshit cradle to grave.
All the things the US Constitution was written to prevent, All things our for fathers ancestors, grandparents, great grandparents fought & died to escape.

Capisce paesano ?

Anonymous said...

"This is a Disgruntled Dreamer? Don't like us speaking out ? Love it or leave it."

You're not speaking out against anything. The article mentions nothing about any illegal immigrants. Lol and the press and cops are not banned from using those words stop making up lies to further your agenda. You marxists are scared of ghosts. Your life sucks because of your own problems not because of imaginary illegal immigrants that don't even exist in this story.

Wake up and stop dreaming about dreamers

Anonymous said...

@Joe said... Thank you !