Sunday, January 28, 2018

Pols oppose jail at Fort Totten

From the Queens Tribune:

State Assemblyman Edward Braunstein (D-Bayside) and Councilman Paul Vallone (D-Bayside) said that they are opposed to a proposal to create a new city Department of Correction training facility at Fort Totten.

Braunstein said that, according to a document his office received that was dated Sept. 26, the city has moved to re-use a portion of Fort Totten to create permanent home for a city Department of Correction training academy. In 2015, the city’s Fire Department—in collaboration with the city’s Office of Management and Budget and Design and Construction Department—initiated the first of two consultant studies on the proposal. An analysis of requirements for the site is expected to be completed this month, according to the document.

“I strongly oppose the creation of a new DOC training facility at Fort Totten and find it outrageous that the city is secretly considering this proposal, which could have a detrimental impact on our parkland,” Braunstein said. “Recently, Community Board 7 notified my office that DOC was considering a facility at Fort Totten. Upon receiving this information, my requests to various city agencies have failed to result in any substantive information. It is absolutely unacceptable that a proposal of this magnitude was not shared with elected officials and the community board for over two years.”

Braunstein called on Mayor Bill de Blasio to abandon plans for the facility at Fort Totten, while Vallone added that Bayside was the wrong community in which to locate such a facility.

From QNS:

In a letter addressed to Mayor Bill de Blasio on Jan. 11, state Senator Tony Avella raised concerns with the city’s “serious lack of information” in reference to certain project propositions by the Fire Department and Department of Corrections (DOC). The FDNY has proposed building a wind turbine at the Bay Terrace location, while DOC considers using it as the site of its new training academy.

After an alleged runaround from city agencies, Avella has filed a Freedom of Information (FOIL) request for documents pertaining to both proposals.

“What are you hiding?” Avella writes. “I would appreciate a full briefing on your plans by all those involved.”

Fort Totten — formally an active U.S. Army installation in the Bay Terrace section of the neighborhood — is currently used by the U.S. Army Reserve, NYPD and FDNY. Certain portions are designated public park areas.

For FY 2018, DOC allocated $1.1 billion to fund a “New Jail Facilities” project, prompted by Mayor de Blasio’s push to close Rikers Island and create neighborhood-based and decentralized jail sites. Avella questioned whether DOC’s interest in Fort Totten pertained to this move.

“I hope this is not a hidden plan to place a jail on the Fort,” Avella writes. “Such an attempt would be fought vigorously by the whole community.”


Anonymous said...

Its a slippery slope. First they will fill it up with regular crimes and then detainees and terrorist suspects.

Anonymous said...

No opportunity for a little "Honest Graft" huh?

Anonymous said...

Create a political jail for crooked politicians at Fort Totten, then I'm in favor of it!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Queens Crap editors! You got the headline is wrong; it should read: All pols BELONG in jail at Fort Totten! Please post a retraction forthwith!

Anonymous said...

About fifty years ago, Fort Totten was one of the sites being considered for the permanent campus of York College. Alas, Jamaica was selected, and the College survived in rented spaces for over a decade while the permanent campus was built on Guy Brewer Blvd - the permanent campus didn't open until 1986. Imagine what might have been had it been placed at Fort Totten.

Anonymous said...

Senior housing was proposed to be built after the army left.

A well designed community in a secure area on a beautiful waterfront property.

What happened to that idea?

Anonymous said...

Hey, Queens Crap editors! You got the headline wrong; it should read: All pols BELONG in jail at Fort Totten! Please post a retraction forthwith!

Anonymous said...

There is terrible traffic going into the Fort between 6:00AM-8:00AM M-F !
I can't see the surrounding roads handling anymore cars without gridlock.

Anonymous said...

Here's an idea-- use Rikers Island!

Anonymous said...

That's what you get for voting Repuglican. Bring the 7 subway there too

Anonymous said...

How dare they!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe the convicts can help with Paulie V’s fireworks show?