Saturday, January 27, 2018

Show Palace shut down

From the Queens Chronicle:

Lawmakers and other opponents of Long Island City strip club Show Palace are celebrating this week after police shut down the problematic venue last Saturday.

Armed with a court order, officers from the NYPD’s vice unit walked into the 45-20 21 St. all-nude venue around midnight, ordered everyone to leave and posted a notice on the door, saying it had been shut down by the authorities.

The closure came a little more than a month after police raided the venue and arrested five women on prostitution-related charges — the latest in a laundry list of alleged crimes, including drug offenses and a handful of nonfatal shootings, that have either occurred there or were otherwise stemmed from confrontations at Show Palace over the years.


Anonymous said...


Those were some fine-ass looking hos.

Anonymous said...

What an idiotic photo op.

If they were operating illegally it took until midnight to figure it out?

The judge didn't sign the order until midnight?

Why didn't they just close it? Why let it open for few hours and then march in?

Typical grandstanding nonsense!

Our tax dollars at work.

Anonymous said...

War on Boobs !

Bloombershitter said...

Legalize drugs and prostitution and then the cops can finally go after the real criminals. The competition in the legal markets will kill these shady places off.

Izayoi said...

Yeah, someone getting paid to fuck and someone using drugs is sooo immoral. Let's go after them instead of the real criminals.

Anonymous said...

Why the grandstanding - the Dems are getting a hazy sense that with Trump in the WH the paradigm has changed and the old bullshit they fed us is starting to run a bit thin. Even Honest Joe Crowley (note how the take about the future of the party and his name is NEVER mentioned?) comes up with a 'new plan' for his constituents - and in his typical clumsy fashion its fine print so no one reads it, and if they do, they find that is pretty much a rehash of programs in place.

Sooo, they stage something here and get press (of course something like that house on Bway-Flushing covered yesterday, a potential development site, is ignored).

When they close a strip club there is always a new building funded by a developer near by. These people do squat for anyone unless its a developer getting the benefits or immigrants being cultivated for the party's future.

Anonymous said...

Hey, the Cops are busy. They had murders, rapes and robberies to handle.

Anonymous said...

""Why let it open for few hours and then march in?""

Gather more hot evidence, busts and people willing to rat on each other that way.
They did the same thing to Steve Rubell and studio 54, netting a "treasure trove" including federal charges and everything else-- so this "Pearl Harbor style" became pretty much standard procedure.

Question is why all this effort on a couple whores, strippers and dirty old men behind closed doors when far worse is happening in places like Elmhurst, Roosevelt ave. Drugs, male, female and tranny prostitution, illegal ID manufacturing, Identity theft, car theft, robbery nightley and the cops just look the other way.

I think this is a racist issue it seems they need more arrests of white people for some reason. Perhaps because the people and owners have money and a big property to grab ?

Anonymous said...

Dam shame how the city spends resources on 5 escorts and a another handful of idiots who like to shoot each other behind closed doors
How are a couple idiots & whores over the span of years, inside some secluded factory under a private membership a danger to the public?
This sounds like a strategy to squeeze & hammer landlord into doing something he doesn't want to do.
Like said the city doesn't do shit unless a developers, homeless or illegal immigrants are the beneficiary's.

The club owners and landlord should sue the city for harassment, libel and loss of income because none of the alleged crimes, fights, shootings & prostitution happened on the property. Its a bullshit rap because some "special friends" of the city likely submitted offers to convert that building into housing pending the city can "steal it" and fast-track things for them.

We need the feds to restore order, our constitutional rights in New York City. The corruption and special interest is now completely out of control.
A private club, home or business is not illegal no matter how much deBlasio dislikes that fact.

Anonymous said...

One dam good question is:
Why is Jimmy Van Bramer involved with this, since when does he care for or about women ?
This reeks of special interest, btw I looked and can not find a crime or prostitution conviction regarding this business. Not even an underage or DWI related incident it appears they ran a clean ship

Gary W said...

Selling is legal, fucking is legal. Why isn't selling fucking legal?
-George Carlin.

(sarc) said...

Now we have a group of unemployed ladies...

Ned said...

""Now we have a group of unemployed ladies""

Yes in deed ! As if Queens doesn't have enough trouble with taxes, traffic cameras and related socialism costs to pay for all the ones giving it away free.

I think Queens is the most hostile place in the country for certain Americans. I honestly cant not think of any place in the USA more hostile to private owned business and private homeowners.
This including those boiling pits of sewage called New Orleans, Chicago and Oakland


Anonymous said...

Yet another successful, taxpaying business closed down by the bluenoses; their clientele will now to unregulated, dangerous, and non-tax paying alternatives.
There has to be room for this somewhere in Queens. But if they don't want it in an industrial area, where else will they put it?

Anonymous said...

""if they don't want it in an industrial area, where else will they put it""

They don't want private business or housing NOPLACE and want everybody who disagrees tortured and choked till they are dead or driven out.
In this case dead or financially broken with enormous legal costs if they wish to fight the city.

DeBlasio, Schumer, Cuomo II don't want ANYTHING unless it’s something "communal" and beneficial to illegals, immigrants, Sec 8s, drug addicts and pro socialists like they have in Denmark. Everybody else has 2 choices 1:shut up and get on board or 2:get the fuck out.
It’s all about building a new populate completely loyal and reliant on "blue" government.

The building blocks of some kind of mixed Socialism & Marxism (Scandinavian Socialism perhaps?) is being implemented before our eyes and most people still refuse to see it.
Having to answer a question like this proves this theory.