Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Cease and desist list now in effect

From the Times Ledger:

A cease-and-desist list targeting unwanted real estate solicitations went into effect with the new year, allowing residents of northeast Queens to opt out of receiving fliers and door-to-door visits.

State Sen. Tony Avella (D-Bayside), who fought to have at least part of an expired cease-and-desist zone restored, reminded residents of Auburndale, Bayside, College Point, Malba, Murray Hill, North Flushing, and Whitestone to add their addresses to the list on the Department of State website.

“There may be 1,033 houses already on the list, but there is always room for more,” Avella said. “The Department of State will continue to accept new submissions and will update the list monthly.”

The cease-and-desist list established by the Department of State emulates a zone covering all of Queens County that was established in 1989 and expired in 2014. At three public hearings, residents and civic associations blasted the real estate industry for tactics they considered aggressive and complained of fliers littering their communities.

According to the Department of State, “no licensed real estate broker or salesperson shall solicit the sale, lease or the listing for sale or lease of residential property from an owner of residential property located in a designated cease-and-desist zone if such owner has filed a cease-and-desist notice with the Department of State indicating that such owner or owners do not desire to sell, lease or list their residential property and do not desire to be solicited to sell, lease or list their residential property.”

The new list will expire in 2022, but the IDC senator is hoping to get a law passed in the state to ban real estate solicitations in Queens indefinitely.


Anonymous said...

These things don't work. Its just like the "do not call list". I still get garbage calls from shit companies at all hours of the day! Most from this company who claims I can eliminate my electric bill! These things are useless and don't work! Better off taking in the flyers and just tossing them.

TommyR said...

greedy and incessant, these fliers. I'm not interested in rapacious sorts eager for my little corner! I wish the database worked, and I'd happily use it!

Anonymous said...

Apparently this doesn't apply city workers.
Like the two department of human services workers who tried to talk me into taking sec 8 guaranteed rent money then called me a "racist" when I said NO Fggn way (and a couple other words ).
This was to knock out the competition and get more landlords to take sec8 not help.
They have this same shit in Norway and Denmark where the government selects your tenants if your selection is not related family or your building is considered "too white"

Anonymous said...

It says “no licensed real estate broker or salesperson shall solicit the sale, lease or the listing for sale or lease of residential property from an owner of residential property located in a designated cease-and-desist zone"

So does this mean social workers & church "non profits" looking to place homeless, pregnant single moms of 4+ on food stamps and other "locust people" dropping into the city to consume all they can get are allowed ?
This law does nothing unless you ban ALL from doing this annoying crap.

Anonymous said...

I still get stuff in my mailbox from voracious Chinese realtors, so they can complete their takeover of yet another neighborhood. It's obvious that a Chinese realtor paid a hefty sum to our co-op's management to get dibs on any units that become available. Only Chinese are buying into our co-op now, surprise. The inevitable result is that I feel like I'm living in a foreign country adjacent to Forest Hills. And most of them are entirely unassimilated, uneducated slobs who are disrespectful to women, bring wonderful Chinese ghetto habits with them like squatting down to smoke in their pajamas on the front lawn, throwing their butts into the yard, using the window wells of the building as a storage place for their stolen empty soda bottles, having ancient Chinese crones rifle through your recycling bins and spilling garbage all over the lawn, etc. You can hardly consider them neighbors, thus ruining the whole advantage of a co-op vs. plain old rental housing where anyone with the rent can move in. They are ghetto-fying everywhere they move into.

Anonymous said...

When are we going to get the same for political calls and mailings?

Who wants that crap?

Anonymous said...

Wow. some one called a commenter to place a section 8 tenant? I have been homeless a couple of times. I was either staying with friends or family. No social worker got involved to find me a place to live. I paid for the places I found to live all on my own. Maybe I'm doing some thing wrong?

Anonymous said...

The new Asian investors from China & Taiwan are ruthlessly aggressive but beacuse they tend to support democratic candidates like DiblASSio the new law won't deter shit !!

Izayoi said...

As useful as a gun free zone sign.

Joe said...

""Maybe I'm doing some thing wrong""

Your likely not some single mom of five with 20 different possible baby daddy's.

When your a single male the government dont give a shit about you. As in f_ck off, go drop dead or commit a crime to get a warm bunk, sink, toilet, TV, full medical, gym and 3 meals a day.
A lot of homeless when they get a painful tooth abscess or sick of the street are doing this. If they commit a robbery they win and if they get caught they win. These people have nothing to lose.

This is what "Bug" (the eccentric guy always Myrtle) told me, he also said there has been a lot of competition from people arriving from all over the country.
I went to 93 with "Bug" when he was sane, before all the drugs & angel dust came in the late 70s