Friday, January 12, 2018

Huge new park coming to Jamaica Bay

From Brooklyn Daily:

The site of some old trash will soon be Brooklyn’s latest treasure.

Gov. Cuomo is gifting the borough with the city’s largest state park that will occupy a massive federally owned, vacant plot in East New York that once was a toxic landfill at the edge of Jamaica Bay, the pol announced during his annual State of the State address on Wednesday.

“This new state park will be a treasure in the heart of Brooklyn, offering hundreds of acres of beautiful parkland on the shores of Jamaica Bay,” Cuomo said in a press release. “We are committed to ensuring every New Yorker can access the recreational, health and community benefits of open space, and this park will open new doors to wellness for New Yorkers who need it most.”

The state will spend $15 million to transform 407 acres of remediated land — bounded by Pennsylvania and Fountain avenues, the Belt Parkway, and the bay — into a lush green space that will be the largest state-run park in all the five boroughs. The only other exclusively state-run park in the Borough of Kings is Williamsburg’s East River State Park, which is a mere seven acres along the waterfront. And Manhattan’s more-than-500-acre Hudson River Park is managed by a state-and-city partnership.

The East New York meadow will include comfort stations, shade-providing structures, and concession stands, and park-goers can bike, hike, kayak, and fish there when it opens later this year or in early 2019, according to a New York State parks spokesman.


JQ LLC said...

How nice, an long overdue amenity being planned for nearby poor and middle class communities. It always had the potential to be a beachfront version of the Aridondacks. Not sure why it needs an ampitheater, leading me to believe this park will surely be eventually subjected for privatization by donors from the restaurant and entertainment industries.

Will this include towering weeded and blighted area east of the proposed park, where Karina Vetrano got killed?

Joe Moretti said...

And yet the Indian Hindu's will still dump their dead's crap in the water and continue polluting it with this ridiculous bullshit religious crap.

Anonymous said...

Haha. The NPS can't even take care of the shoreline by the Crossbay bridge!

Anonymous said...

Very good. All the mob body's in there should call it "Goodfellas Playground"
This is that vacant man made "mountain" off the Belt Parkway.
Another one is in Island Park on Long Island

Deke DaSilva said...

Gotta love that computer rendering of the park!

Since when does any part of Queens look like a Seurat painting?

JQ LLC said...

"The NPS can't even take care of the shoreline by the Crossbay bridge!"

Nice one. A perennial blight still going strong and exacerbated by Hurricanes Irene and Sandy for as long as I can remember cycling that bridge and area in over 30 years.

And also, as I have pointed out numerous times, NPS and this state and city can't even take care of Riis Park. The Neponsit hospital is still abandoned except for the strange things going on there with the NYPD guarding the premises, the tower being lit and a unmarked vehicle guarding the entrance at night. The former art deco buildings are still abandoned, bare and vacant and was offered for privatization and nobody bought. the boardwalk is still cracked, handball and tennis courts are still dilapidated. The only thing that was upgraded was the concession stand by the toilets for the annually failing beach bazaar with the appearance of expensive fast food trucks to make the place presentable for the hip and cool and non-frugal and the recent shithead permitting of two glamorous camp sites with mattress fitting tents in the green areas, one of them that was actually placed on what was and still is a football field (There was a goal post just 50 yards away from Camp Rockaway)

Mario's son is just dropping turds from his mouth again with this and the maniacal REBNY desired remaking of Red Hook. As for the subways (oh my god the fucking subways, it's now resembling a cattle rendering plant), the need for equitable genuine affordable housing for the struggling poor and middle class and the vehicular commuters, the needs of this constituency don't factor and weren't acknowledged at all.

JQ LLC said...

There was some infrastructure upgrading by Riis, but it was never bandied about by the mayor of governor, and that was the trans-atlantic gas pipeline laid out in the ocean that traverses under the boardwalk, the pitch and putt, under the Gil Hodges bridge (yes I still call the Marine Parkway bridge that), and up the road leading to the belt parkway intersection near the start of Flatbush Avenue.

(sarc) said...

And it will be dedicated and named for our current wonderful Governor...

Anonymous said...

"Brooklyn Crap" Park !

Anonymous said...

Please God, No. Will destroy any natural habitat for wildlife as the urban garbage invades and destroys any remaining quality of life. Really truly a shame. An amphitheater?

If Karina Ventrano's killer hadn't been fast tracked out of a mental hospital/ juvenile delinquency facility she might still be alive today. He knew about the path from his traveling to school in Rockaway Beach- where he was coddled and his behavior explained away then ignored. Will more innocent people have to die?

Why is there money for this and not for cleaning the subways and helping the mentally ill destitute homeless?

Subway trains are filthy - I was told that the MTA cleaners only have to do half of each car. It doesn't seem like any one supervising even that half.

The destitute homeless are not getting their government benefits thanks to DC 37 policy of protecting people who do not do the jobs they get a paid to do - all thanks to Affirmative Action.

Anonymous said...

If the NY State will be operating the park it might be good, most of the state parks are OK but if the feds will be in charge forget about it.They can't manage what they have now and admit it,we are under staffed and under funded is their mantra.Good country America,billions of dollars go down the rathole to countries that hate us while our infrastructure falls apart.