Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Landmarked areas are as dense as non-landmarked areas

NYU Furman Center Historic Districts Brief by crainsnewyork

From Crains:

Landmark districts in New York City are just as dense at nearby areas that are not designated historic, according to a study released Monday.

The NYU Furman Center for Real Estate and Urban Policy found that about 3.5% of the city's properties are protected by the landmarks law. Properties with such a designation require approval from the Landmarks Preservation Commission before an owner can make alterations.

Though landmarked areas had far fewer rent-regulated apartments than the rest of the city, they were built up to roughly the same density than adjacent neighborhoods, according to the report.


Anonymous said...

Well if most landmarked areas are located in Manhattan, what kind of low density do you expect...landmarked or unlandmarked?
No problem in Queens. We have few landmarks and are less dense...except for our this skulls.

Anonymous said...

Queens is still, I believe, down at #4 on the list in the pecking order of landmark designations when compared to all of NYC's 5 boroughs.
REBNY , and their owned pol's, want to keep it that way so as not to interfere with rampant development.
"Queens has nothing but land to offer, and I intend to see it developed".
The late Donald Manes. His credo still lives.
Your local pol's are REBNY's enablers. That's where their campaign contributions come from.
"Jump! Jump! Bark for the doggie biscuit!", says REBNY.
How far is Paul Vallone willing to rollover on his district and do a high jump for his real estate developers' money?