Monday, March 28, 2016

Attendance not important to council members

From Gotham Gazette:

Gotham Gazette monitored 13 City Council hearings over a ten-day period, from late February into early March, collecting data that shows more often than not, the committee chair is the only Council member that remains to hear testimony from members of the public at the end of a hearing (7 of 13); more often than not, at least one Council member had two committee hearings scheduled for the same time (8 of 13); and committee hearings never start at their scheduled time, with the earliest start time nine minutes after the scheduled time and the latest start time 54 minutes after. The average start time of the 13 hearings was 23 minutes past scheduled start.

It can be frustrating for members of the public to miss work and spend hours at committee hearings waiting for their turn to testify, only to find that most Council members have left before they’ve had a chance to speak. Yet to Council members, leaving hearings early or arriving late is often seen as necessary, either due to conflicting hearings or meetings, or to take care of something in their home districts.

(Or to meet with lobbyists.)


Anonymous said...

And they make 135000/year for that!

JQ LLC said...

Wasn't the justification for those raises, that exceeded the yearly salary amounts of any working poor person, specifically the majority of citizens in East New York who won't qualify for the cheapest apts in the hipshit projects, that they work beyond their office and public forum hours? Supposedly this included meeting with constituents who did not get a chance to speak or couldn't be present because of the need to work.

Nope, it's surely what the crapper theorized.

Joe Moretti said...

..........and neither are quality of life issues.

Remaining at hearings for the entire time “takes away from being in the district, but is a big part of what we do,” Council Member Daneek Miller explained.

TAKES away from being in the district, I mean what the fuck, they do nothing when they are in the district anyway.

I don't even know exactly what the city council really does or what accomplishments they have made to better quality of life in their districts.

Anonymous said...

If they miss a third of the votes they should be penalized.
Hurt their pockets and they'll behave!!

Anonymous said...

2 tax payers walk into a bar and find BiDlasio buying rounds for illegal immigrants and ask Why are you buying them rounds with our money
DiBlasio tells them,your a citizen and work hard and pay taxs but you never vote Right,but illegals are not citizens,pay no tax and after a few drinks believe in the American Dream,one of the taxpayers says the American Dream is dead and the Mayor says Not Really because Thier Voting for you to pay for it.

Anonymous said...

its done intentionally. They do not want the public there, so they make it as hard as possible to discourage attendance.

Anonymous said...

It's a part time job anyway.
We are all being handed a lousy hand job from our council members.
If I were to put in a part time day I'd be fired from my job.
Hmmmmm...and those bastards just voted themselves a fat raise!

Anonymous said...

American Dream - you have to be asleep to believe in it!

Anonymous said...

Put these losers into the private sector - they won't be making $30K based on their work ethics.
As the old cliche goes, best government money can buy. Literally.

Anonymous said...

Other than get their picture taken at every imaginable opportunity, give speeches about how great they are, lie to the people of the community what is a councilman supposed to do? Seriously folks.

Anonymously Grey Gardens said...

Alas, the TRUTH is TREASON in an EMPIRE of LIES!

The entire city council (and their hyper-corrupt Speaker, and de Blasio pal, Melissa Mark-Viverito!), have so completely betrayed all pretense of public trust, ethics, integrity, and honest, ethical, INCLUSIONARY leadership (that leads by example), that they now DEVALUE all honesty itself---to pathologically treasonous, traitorous and ruinous effect!

Men have been hanged for less, FAR, FAR LESS! REVOLUTION is coming, fellow Queens residents---and, much sooner---because, the future (and karma), always have a peculiar way of arriving unannounced!