Tuesday, March 29, 2016

A lot of Sandy damaged homes are still not repaired

Forgotten-NY recently visited Broad Channel and stumbled across this house. Many others are sill in disrepair, years after Sandy. Electeds are blaming the DOB.


Anonymous said...

Funny how the usa is so quick to send aid to other countries who hate our guts but has no problem leaving our own country waiting years and years for aid. This country is very backwards!

Anonymous said...

Ever see who works at the DOB? Recently immigrated Indians, Chinese, Bhangladeshis, Guyanese...
Now you know why Queens housing looks the way it does.

Anonymous said...

Apply for welfare and see how fast those houses get rebuilt,
NYC has no use for blue collar workers who use roads,bridges,and schools
It is better to pay you to stay home than invest in crumbling infrastructure
Opperatation Workday Freedom will not be denied to the Dependent Class

Res Ipsa said...

#2, the DOB has turned a blind eye towards crappy housing and code violations for decades. It doesn't matter what color or race the workers are. By the way, the Commissioner (who sets the tone for the agency) is a white man, and DOB has been run by white men for years. So let's just call it what it is--- a bureaucratic nightmare--- and stop trying to blame it on race.

If we want change at that agency, we have to stop getting these mayors who are in bed with the real estate industry. We also need one who will tell the truth: the City is overcrowded and building more "affordable" housing is not the answer. Letting people convert their basements and rent them out is not the answer. Tearing down every single family house and replacing it with multi-family housing is not the answer. It's time to end incentives that encourage people to move to NYC and live 8 in a room and think that's OK. We need actual enforcement of existing building codes. Not accommodations that make it more crowded and destroy quality of life.

Anonymous said...


IT REALLY IS SCARY. Think about it. Illegal plumbing work when it comes to gas lines CAN BLOW YOU UP.

Unfortunately, too many people in the houses surrounding these illegal jobs turn a blind eye.

Many times, their thinking is LET THEM GET FINISHED AND GET OUT OF HERE.


The homeowner in the end gets rewarded with a certificate of occupancy.

We have to go after the architects. They many times are the enablers. They sign-off on TRs that are so important to our safety.

Anonymous said...

The real scandal of rebuilding homes is Build it Back. How many signed up and got nada toward repairs or reimbursement just got paper-worked until they gave up and dropped out.

JQ LLC said...

I been riding through Broad Channel all my natural life going to Rockaway. In the past 4 years since Sandy, it's unfathomable that some houses in the town are still being denied what's due to them. I especially like that house/protest sign that remains as a reminder of the civic neglect of city, state and federal government.

It's funny, well not funny, that the DOB seems to have no problem with home owners and property pimps that want to build hideous extensions or an extra story to their houses or want to build blade runner towers that will lead to rerouting of airline flight patterns, but seem to be wary about allocating funding to people that are due to them and use arbitrary bullshit to deny them (baseball field?).

And in a conspiratorial sense, maybe a reason why there is still such futility to rebuild in Broad Channel as well as the other towns Assemblyman Goldfeder mentioned, is because of political or ideological leanings of the resident demographics. I risk being wrong by assuming but I recall the majority of the people living there lean Republican.

And maybe another reason may be De Faustio's recently ratified law for forced gentrification. The last few years as seen a lot of development and market speculation across the veterans bridge in addition to the selective rebuilding of the boardwalk and lot of hipshit and tourist interest. As with the obvious willful neglect of NYCHA projects in Brooklyn and rampant blight in Jamaica, the refusal to leave these houses in disrepair could be a tactic to undervalue the land in Broad Channel so their developer overseers and vulture funders can swoop in and take advantage of it.

Hopefully the movie about Jamaica Bay and it's preservation (long overdue) will get the city to build those houses back. Frankly, I doubt it. But I hope I'm wrong.

Maybe the residents of Broad Channel can crowdfund and make a short film and hire Susan Sarandon and use her sultry voice to persuade the DOB.

Great job Forgotten.

Anonymous said...

Is anyone living there? check out the gang graffiti disrespecting the homeowners sign.