Thursday, March 24, 2016

An end to developer loophole?

From Brooklyn Daily:

The city must repeal provisions letting Ridgites drastically increase the size of their houses, because homeowners are turning the neighborhood into a hodgepodge of McMansions, local leaders say. The Department of City Planning is considering no longer extending so-called “special permits” to residents who want to enlarge their one- and two-family homes bigger than zoning allows. The agency created such permits to help families grow in place — so homeowners could build an extra bedroom for a child instead of moving out of the neighborhood, for example. But in practice, greedy speculators use it to make a quick buck, one critic said.

“It is used rampantly by people to buy property, build it up, and flip it for a profit,” said Michael Bistreich, legislation and budget director for Councilman Vincent Gentile (D–Bay Ridge). “Repealing it will help keep neighborhood character and the housing market in the area intact.”

Community Board 10 opted into the program 20 years ago under the belief that the Board of Standards and Appeals — a city planning sub-agency that grants the permits — would ensure that any expansions would not “alter the essential character of the neighborhood,” and that the community board would have some say in what permits were granted, according to a 1996 board report.

But since then, the city has rubber-stamped wildly inappropriate home expansions, according to a board honcho.


(sarc) said...

The Board of Standards and Appeals - unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats...

Anonymous said...

20 years to figure out this wasn't working as they thought?

At least we now know the speed of stupid!

Anonymous said...

In Flushing “special permits” = $$$ as in bribes !

Anonymous said...

As long as BSA can run rampant, there will be no end to zone busting. That is exactly what a zoning variance is....ZONE BUSTING!

Anonymous said...

They build it contrary to zoning. BSA makes big bucks when they get the matter. Ultimately, it is legalized.

Make them take it down and maybe then it will stop. Remember Mazeau Street in Maspeth. The DOB made Tommy Huang remove an illegal extension and an illegal 4th floor.

That has to happen, each and every time that they build contrary to zoning.

Politicians need to see that it happens.