Saturday, March 12, 2016

That's a lot of crap!

From Crains:

A review of data reported under New York's 2012 Sewage Pollution Right to Know Act shows that nearly 2,700 sewage overflows were reported between May 2013 and June 2015.

The nonprofit Environmental Advocates of New York released a report on the sewage overflows on Thursday. The group reports 2,696 overflows during that span but says the true number is likely higher because of inconsistent data collection.

The group says funding for the state Department of Environmental Conservation must be increased to enforce the law and finalize regulations to provide standard reporting requirements.


(sarc) said...

OH, we accidentally let fences spill into the bay?

Did you know that fish defecate in the water?

Well, It was only THREE THOUSAND TIMES, that we recall at this particular moment.


We are from the government and we need more money...

JQ LLC said...

This is asinine. How much tax dollars went into this report, which is pretty shoddy because in 2 years it could have gone worse and multiplied probably in the last 6 months.

The DEP has to stop sitting on their balls and get busy and do these assessments themselves. Although a blind olfactory deficient man can figure out where the shit is originating, with all this excessive development and tourism in the past 2 years.

Anonymous said...

How much untreated shit gets flushed into the Flushing River and the bay?

Anonymous said...

Thats exactly right!! Nothing is being done about the untreated sewage that makes it into Flushing Bay. The DEP are assholes!!

Anonymous said...

Now we know why Flushing Bay smells the way it does!

Anonymous said...

Sarc 1: What fish? There hasn't been a winter flounder caught in the western Sound since the 90's. Tomcod? Gone. Stripers haven't had a recruitment cycle since 2004. All that's left is some larger stripers that, for some reason, aren't breeding in the Hudson anymore. Save you misinformation for Brietbart.

And even if our decimated waterway was ecologically intact, turning it into a bathtub of human waste tilts the balance to favor nitrogen dependent bacteria. The "rotten eggs" smell at every low tide in Little Neck Bay is not from fish waste. It's from bacteria feeding on human waste.

One day we'll all wake up and the smell will be overpowering every neighborhood in Queens. Provided that everyone hasn't moved by then, or if the airports haven't consumed the borough by then, the city and state will finally fix this.

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when no urban planning takes place.
The Chicoms have no problem polluting as long as they can cut every tree and live on top of each other 20 stories high.
What a fucking joke is DEP.

(sarc) said...


I imagine you believe that truth only comes from The newspaper of record - "The New York Times", and of course "Queens Crap".

I do miss Jayson Thomas Blair's writings. I also imagine you do as well.

OBTW, remember, Andrew is dead, may he be at peace! Although I am sure he is spinning in his grave.

My comment was intended to highlight the ineptness of the the government in terms of keeping our waterways clean and safe. The waste of government and its endless cry of "if we only had more money".

I am NOT advocating that we should dump "crap" in the water.

I am all for clean water and sewage to be handled and treated properly and efficiently...

Anonymous said...

some people just dont get it

Anonymous said...

another one who who dont get it

Anonymous said...

New York Times? Makes great lining for my cat's litter box.

Anonymous said...

but keep cramming more and more housing onto the same land, and don't ask the developers to help with the infrastructure costs. Good plan!

Anonymous said...

In China a lot of people get their drinking water from shit and industrial polluted sources.
So, who cares about Flooshing? A third world colony deserves third world amenities.

DO NOT EAT Tillapia fish. Most of it comes from China...from fish farms beneath poultry raising facilities.
The chicken shit falls into the fish ponds. The fish eat it! You eat it!
Tilapia inis served insome of the best restaurants. It is the cheapest fish on the menus because it is shit and shit fed.
Marino Brothers market sells Tillapia. It is labeled "product of China". Most markets sell similar.

Another example for the deep rooted historical disregard for human rights and human life in China.
Perhaps it's because they have been so overpopulated that they don't give a damn about millions dying.
They say that in the Orient life is cheap. It appears to be so.