Friday, March 11, 2016

Police don't want to tow abandoned car

Can you post this. There's been an abandoned car on my block for several years with out of state plates from Maryland expired in 2007. It never gets tickets because when alternate side comes he removes the plates. The car never moves. Parking is difficult enough as this is by the Paul Klapper elementary school, Townsend Harris, Queens College and apartment buildings.

I made numerous 311 complaints and emailed Sergeant Turner at the 107 precinct who said she would take care of it. The car is still there and they have still not done anything ticket or tow.

I'm attaching pictures and below are my e-mails back and forth with my original and the sergeant's reply and my reply a few days later. It is located on Gravett Road between 149 Street and Main Street. Maybe your posting will get them to do something and not let NYC become the dumping ground for cars like the 70's.

Dear Sergeant Turner,

The green Chrysler is still on the block with the Maryland plate of 7AZE49 which is expired for 9 YEARS expired August 2007.

As usual I am not surprised that last week again it was not given any ticket for the alternate side parking regulations or its expired plate. I still don't understand this as I just paid well over $100 to register my vehicle in order to not get a ticket and park legally. I guess I wasted my money.

If you take a drive by it down Gravett road between 149 street and main street you will see the Chrysler still at location with a paper on the dashboard saying something to the effect that the owner is a poor student.

As you know parking is difficult enough with an elementary school, high school, college and multiple apartment buildings.

I guess I will be continue seeing this car untouched and unmoved forever taking up a valuable parking space never to have up to date registration, towed, or ticketed.


Good afternoon,

I will take care of it. My guys will chalk the tires this afternoon. If the vehicle is still at the location after three days it will be towed. Thank you for your concern!

Enjoy the rest of your day!

LaDatra Turner
Training/Traffic Sergeant


Dear Sergeant Turner,

I am writing in regards to an abandoned vehicle opposite 144-42 Gravett road on the right side of the street right before the Paul Klapper school. As you know parking is scarce around queens college and Townsend Harris.

I have been trying to get this vehicle removed for quite some time. It is a green Chrysler Sebring convertible with a Maryland plate of 7AZE49.

This car has been parked in the same space for over 3 months. It never moves and the plate expired august 2007.
When alternate side comes a man removes the license plate then puts it back on. I am attaching pictures of the car on an alternate side day without the plate and one with the expired plate and of leafs, debris, and garbage piling up on the right side due to sanitation having to clean around the car.

I made numerous complaints to 311 with no avail. The responses are there is nothing wrong or the officers fixed the issue. This is untrue as officers never ticket or tow this vehicle.

Additionally I looked up in the city website and this vehicle owes $165 in unpaid parking tickets to NYC. All tickets for parking at this location dating back to 2014 hence the reason he removes the plates on alternate side dates.

My daily 311 complaints are 2/25/2016 #1-1-1217658091,1-1-1218812261, 2/26/2016# 1-1-1218150801, 2/27/2016 #1-1-1218643671, 2/28/2016 #1-1-1218812261 #1-1-1218956391, 2/29/2016 1-1-1219229021.

I guess the officers that continually brush this off are saying we can leave a car in the same spot on a city street without current registration for months on end and can remove plates to not get tickets.

If you drive by this car is still there 24/7 with the expired plates never moves and has expired registration.

Please have this car towed for the expired plates in violation of NYC traffic rule 4-08 (j)(1) and for parking over 7 days violating NYC traffic rule 4-08 (m) (9) or the out standing tickets.

I am sorry I have to email you but NONE of your officers are not doing their job. I did send the same pictures and message to your commanding officer on twitter as well.


Anonymous said...

Write a registered to the commanding officer with a printout of this article. Tell him if nothing is done you fear some sort of corruption and you will iab.

Anonymous said...

Call the area NYC Marshals in Queens, perhaps they will tow it.

Anonymous said...

When you call 311 to report an abandoned auto, the call is sent to Sanitation. They are the ones who tow away abandoned vehicles, not the police.

Queens Crapper said...

Incorrect. Cars without plates are a sanitation call. Cars with plates are an NYPD call.

Anonymous said...

Steal the plates then call sanitation.

Anonymous said...

Cars without plates are a sanitation call. Cars with plates are an NYPD call

Sounds like the dude is gaming the system, that's why the plates disappear and reappear.

Anonymous said...

Sluggish precints full of crooked cops.
Offer them a bribe and the car will be towed in a flash.

Anonymous said...

ANY car is a call to your councilperson.

Keep them busy so they don't have time to accept bribes.

VMGillen said...

Wow. Can we get you to publish "Crappie's Guide to the NY Universe"? The plate/no plate responsibility is good to know...

Anonymous said...

i bet it's a local cop who owns the car or someone good friends with a cop

Sergey Kadinsky said...

If I may chime in, under my given name. You can attend the 107th Precinct Community Council meeting and speak up.

As an example, remember the tarp-covered car on Parsons Boulevard mentioned on this blog last month? I attended the meeting, where the matter was discussed. Shortly after the meeting, the tarp was removed and that vehicle had a new license plate and registration sticker.

Anonymous said...

It's not a priority for your local precinct. What a shame !!
Get more media on your side contact Arnold Diaz (WPIX), Howard Thompson (WPIX)

Anonymous said...

i have my plates attached with Velcro
haven't had a ticket in years

Anonymous said...

Tell them you saw a guy sitting in the car watching the children go to school and play in the yard.

Problem solved!

Anonymous said...

LaDatra Turner.

'Nuff said.

Anonymous said...

Pour some pig blood on the trunk and rear bumper and call in a possible body in trunk when plate is missing,Crime Scene Poof car is gone.

Anonymous said...

The auto probably belongs to some cop's goomatta and that's why it ain't being booted or towed.

The boys in blue protect their own.

Anonymous said...

"Call the area NYC Marshals in Queens, perhaps they will tow it."

Only if there are outstanding summonses on it.

Anonymous said...

Put it on the Flushing FB page - it will be gone within a week.

Anonymous said...

Bring your correspondence file to the attention of the Civilian Complaint Review Board for your do nothing precinct.

Camel bladder said...

Call and say shots were fired at a police officer from the car. They will shut down the block for at least 12 hours, tow the car away and have the City's best CSI unit investigate this for months. On the other hand if the cars is owned by a cop you are fucked. You are just being a pain in the ass and you will receive the proper punishment from NYPD. Just lay down, accept this treatment and some day the car will probably rust away and you won't see it anymore.

Anonymous said...

Cop owns it along with a couple other cars from the Delaware and Maryland auto auctions. You can triple your $$ flipping them on the street after waiting sometimes 3 months for an out of state title. (a title issue is likely whats going on here)
These "street flippers" are usually post on Craigslist Some people take the plates off and place a roller jack under the cross-member and "wheel it" 20+ inches from the curb. The cops then MUST have Sanitation remove it because it is now a traffic hazard.

Anonymous said...

I love how automatically it's a cop that owns it, and not someone who's gaming the system and greasing the palms of the sanitation supervisor that sees it every time there's alternate side and doing nothing about it. It's a TRAFFIC sgt that wrote back, not NYPD. Not the same. Traffic are a bunch of lazy humps. No matter. With the attitude here about cops, why should they want to do anything for you bunch of whining nut sacks.

Crusseau said...

Post it on Craig's List as "Free car, as is. Wife won in divorce. Doesn't want it. Doesn't run. Come and take it."
List the address. At the very least it'll get stripped, then the city will remove the hulk.

Anonymous said...

@Sergey Kadinsky

"If I may chime in, under my given name."

Good for you.
You keep harping on posting under your real name in other topics, condemning people who don't, which in turn reminds me of the police state requirements, soon we need a birth certificate and social security number just to connect to the Internet.
A politicians wet dream come true.
Being anonymous is only uncomfortable to the ones who are corrupt and have something to hide.
So lets recap, I don't care about your real name, what matters is what you think and write.

The Flushing Phantom said...

WHAT IS a priority for your local precinct?
With the 109th it is accepting payoffs from Chinese whore house madams.
Two cops have already been nabbed doing just that. Decades ago a ring of the 109th's "finest" we're arrested for the same.
WTF do the police do for us nowadays...protect scammers and criminals?
Give me a permit to pack a .38 snub and we can dispense with the need for their shoddy protection.
Uh...Comander Conforte...RU reading this?

Anonymous said...

Pay to get the car towed to a dog run or a bike lane.

You will have every politician in the community out there pandering to the pet owning bike pedaling demographic.

JQ LLC said...

"You keep harping on posting under your real name in other topics, condemning people who don't, which in turn reminds me of the police state requirements, soon we need a birth certificate and social security number just to connect to the Internet."

Here, here.

Dissension has unofficially forbidden in our current society, culture and environment. Any counterpoint made today is responded with threats, whether direct, veiled or physical. It can be seen and felt at some colleges and of course at Trump rallies, Especially at Chicago the other day, Which managed to replicate the one in 68.

Besides, the crapper is anonymous right?

JQ LLC said...

I'm surprised that this isn't one of those bait cars that catch criminals trying to steal it, like that stupid reality show last decade.

"It's a TRAFFIC sgt that wrote back, not NYPD. Not the same. Traffic are a bunch of lazy humps."

That may be it. Which is why there are so many cars, unlicensed and demolished, that have been left to rot perennially all over Jamaica. This has been a problem for decades. The biggest humps are the higher ranked ones in the offices.

Anonymous said...

If this was a cop's car it would have a pba card or shield emblem. If it is anyone's it is a politician or state worker. Remember Charlie Rangel storing his car illegally for years?

A lot of people on this blog seem to hate cops. #QueensCrapMatters!

Donald Trump said...

I agree! This car should be moved!

When I am President it will be moved and the 'owner' will pay for it!

Vote for ME!

Anonymous said...

@Flushing Phantom

Remember the cop of the year in '06-'07?

"Yesterday, the F.B.I., the police, the United States Attorney in Brooklyn and Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents announced the arrests of the two officers, Dennis Kim, 29, and Jerry Svoronos, 30; the woman and man accused of running the brothel, Gina Kim and Geeho Chae, both 37; and 16 young women believed to have worked there as prostitutes."

Last year the Karaoke cops were busted:

And people wonder why Flushing has turned into Falasheng.
My my.

Anonymous said...

So the arrests of four cops over the past ten years is the reason you can't get the NYPD, or DOT, or Sanitation, or the Marshall to tow a car?

Anonymous said...

"A copy of this article needs to be sent to the Mayors office and one to the Police Chief I bet something will be done than. Make sure you tell the Police Chief a copy is going to the Mayor."

Why would the mayor care? No blacks have been harmed here.

Anonymous said...

What the hell it got to do with bringing up black people. Our Mayor does not care about black people either because all he is doing for the blacks is building hotels/homeless shelters in their neighborhoods. U sound like a ass.

Anonymous said...

"U sound like a ass." The irony.

Anonymous said...

People need to check the facts. Most hotels/homeless shelters are in minority neighborhoods and our Mayor has approved it. I agree with the poster.

warp10 said...

Instead of reporting it as an abandoned car, report it as a suspicious vehicle (because it is) and you are concerned it might have been stolen, used in a crime, or something happened to the owner.

Anonymous said...

This story doesn't add up. If the car was truly abandoned for three months (like with the picture of the hood open and no plates) somebody would have started stripping the car. If sanitation saw a car with no plates every week for three months they would put a sticker on it as an abandoned vehicle. The car isn't in front of anyone's home, why is this person taking it as a personal affront to their rights? I'm thinking the person complaining has a personal beef with the person who owns the car.

Anonymous said...

sanitation wont take it if it has plates. this is by queens college where parking is impossible to find. There are apartment buildings, houses, an elementary school and a high school. There are cars all over just dumped here with expired out of state plates. This should have been towed on the first complaint to the nypd as we would receive a ticket immediately if our cars registration was expired let alone over 6 years. I got a ticket the minute it struck the 1st at midnight as my inspection expired the 31st. No leeway for us law abiding citizens.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I live in the Bronx...more than a decade, on a block where one household uses the street as a used car lot...9+ cars on the street, out of state plates, non running, no plates, expired name it. I wait hours for parking most nights...tonight was 2 tickets ever, no tows ever. It is reason to remain a law abiding citizen is there? Donald Trump...i plan on voting for the first time in years...and my vote will be for you! Clean up Bronxwood please ....

Anonymous said...

A vehicle parked for over a month same spot with plates. Online have does not have a over seven day report link

Anonymous said...

A vehicle parked for 2 months same spot with plates. Haven't moved at all. Online does not have a link to report over seven days. How to report it?