Monday, December 14, 2015

"Permanent, affordable housing" for vets = bunk beds

From DNA Info:

Six long-abandoned apartment buildings on Hollis Avenue could become affordable housing for homeless veterans despite locals protests, officials said.

“We are working on making this permanent affordable housing for veterans as part of the national effort to end homelessness for veterans,” said a spokeswoman for the Human Resources Administration in an email.

The spokeswoman did not elaborate on the proposal, which was first reported by the Times Ledger, and did not say how many people would live in the complex or when it would open.

But locals, who for several months have been holding protests in front of the Hollis development, which is located between 202nd and 204th streets and has approximately 120 units, are upset that the administration did not discuss the plan with the community.

“We need our civic, faith-based and community leaders to stand with us to send a loud and clear message that the reported proposal for the property will have a negative impact and we as a community will not be silent about our displeasure,” state Sen. Leroy Comrie wrote in an email sent out to residents last Saturday. “We are calling on the City to respect the voices of our community.”

The property, which belongs to Rita Stark, have been deteriorating for more than 20 years, attracting squatters and drug users. But in April the buildings were leased to The Bluestone Group, a private investment firm, based in downtown Manhattan, according to local elected officials.

Since then, the property has undergone substantial renovations. Bunk beds, which can be seen through the windows, were placed inside.


Anonymous said...

"Dealing" with homelessness is not a box to check off on a to-do list! Homes are not BEDS! When you have beds you have a transient population, with no connection to the neighborhood/community - and trouble in the making. Get real, deB!

Anonymous said...


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I approached very slowly with my heart full of fear
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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

From a bunk in the barracks to a bunk in Hollis, think I would rather be back on the base. What a fine Thank You For Your Service.

JQ LLC said...

Hey anon 2, What is this, metrolyrics?

And bunk beds, is Rita trying to replicate the photos from Jacob Riis's harrowing classic "where the other half lives"

And that name sounds familiar, heinously familiar.

Anonymous said...

They'll be evicting them to put refugees in there.

Anonymous said...

Why is everyone acting like this neighborhood is the best. I moved here a few years ago and can not wait to move. Most houses look nice, but the people in them are not. Drug dealers and users, loiterers, loud parties, people who litter (who live in the neighborhood;not outsiders) and other disrespectful practices and people live in this neighborhood. Most of the residents are elderly or people whose parents left them a house that was paid for so they just do not care about being a good neighbor. Vets who served their country, who might have a mental ailment because of that service deserves to live somewhere. Unfortunately, not in this area. They deserve a better place.