Thursday, December 17, 2015

Is anti-gentrification the ninja's motive?

From DNA Info:

The “ninja” arsonist who's been torching McMansions in Forest Hills is likely a longtime resident fed up with gentrification in his neighborhood and the fires he sets makes him feel he has the power to stop it, experts tell DNAinfo New York.

Louis Garcia, the city’s ex-chief fire marshal and a nationally recognized expert on arson, said the man behind at least seven Forest Hills blazes is infused with power every time he sets a home on fire — attracting increased police and public attention.

“He probably was someone who felt powerless to stop the gentrification and now feels he has power over them by burning their property,” said the 35-year veteran FDNY commander who spent 25 years in the Bureau of Fire Investigation and a decade as the city's chief fire marshal.

“The so-called ninja arsonist in Forest Hills has found a way to stop the gentrification and to feel important. And now, he's getting attention.”


Anonymous said...

The other photo / video of a suspect with a gun makes this very confusing. The person doesn't look like the person in the posted photo above. Can't believe the authorities still haven't caught him even after two months. Makes one wonder are we prepared for any kind of terrorist attack. Scary.

JQ LLC said...

Well, I could have told you that. Modern day Guy Fawkes. You all read it here first.

Thank You Louis

Anonymous said...

Nothing scary. Its human nature. Sad, but understandable.

When legitimate avenues are blocked the water builds up until it finds its own level.

Anonymous said...

This is why every homeowner in queens should have a camera system installed on their property. if other people in the area or across the street from where these incidents occured had cameras, the NYPD, FDNY would have a better glimpse of the suspect from other angles...

Anonymous said...

I would not call those hideous McMansions gentrification. More like Uglification.

Anonymous said...

This is just some kind of insurance scam. The country is going broke and the top 1% (or whatever) are getting ready before the you know what hits the fan. People in real estate get to feel it first. That FDNY report is just a cover story.

Anonymous said...

I think this guy is a hero.

Now before everyone starts denouncing me and TPTB try and nail me for incitement,...

all I will say is.......(as protected by my first amendment rights)

PEOPLE ARE FED UP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111111111111111111111

Anonymous said...

Gentrification? What is this guy smoking? Care to share?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Eastern Europe?

Common core on display:)

You really need to brush up on your history and geography knowledge:

The Bukhari's come from Central Asia.

Anonymous said...

And the Bucharian sense of style is very different than the Eastern European sense of style. It's closer to the Persian stereotype if anything.

Crusseau said...

" feel important. And now, he's getting attention.”
How bout instead of feeding into him by calling him the "Ninja-Arsonist", you call him "low life scum"? Maybe that wouldn't make him feel so important. Media feeds this frenzy and always has.

Anonymous said...

And the Bucharian sense of style is very different than the Eastern European sense of style. It's closer to the Persian stereotype if anything.
The Buchari are still in the gold chains, top buttons open polyester shirt phase.

Anonymous said...

""top 1% (or whatever) are getting ready before the you know what hits the fan""

Well that fan has just been powered up !!
That sack of shit traitor Paul Ryan and our Republicans just bent over on all fours and agreed to drop all current & future challenges to Obama executive orders, gave him every thing he wanted (without a fight) PLUS allocate 1.8 billion to award sanctuary city's who take garbage garbage !!
This is not a joke:

GOP Sells America Down The River:

Anonymous said...


WRONG on those words !!
Its going to be WORSE THEN EASTERN EUROPE because we are taking the shit Putin and those people dont even want !!! No compound that with 20,000 a week lifetimes of gang banging Sec 8 flooding across the Mexico border.
This country will be completely bankrupt UN-recognizable lawless "free for all brawl" in 15 years. I think the comment stated is correct in saying those people are getting out !!

Anonymous said...

The expert who used the term "gentrification" is from another planet called Opposite World.

Anonymous said...

Eastern Euope is better than Chinatown Flushing.
At least it is sanitary.

Anonymous said...

Eastern Euope is better than Chinatown Flushing

No need to convince common core graduates :):)
Been to Poland, beautiful.
Hungary gorgeous.
Czech Republic historic and gorgeous.
Romania has great mountains, rivers, lakes, just like Switzerland.

For the polyester dude, poly came from US before reaching other parts of the world.
Remember the 60s and 70s?

Xpyred said...

I have to agree with a post above. I think this is all connected. Maybe a fire or two here and there to throw it off. But this is part of something bigger and it's not some Guy Fawkes anti gentrification nonsense.
I wish k had the ability to look at certain files or information. I'm positive all this is connected and the lovely idiots at 112 either know and aren't doing squat, or are too stupid to do anything. But there's a connection for sure.

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 7: And if a firefighter or someone else dies as a result of the fires will you still call the ninja a hero?

Anonymous said...

Ninja is no hero.
Criminal is the better description.
Xpyred agree with you, something smells bad about the whole thing.

JQ LLC said...

this guy is not a hero, since other houses are getting damaged in his crusade.

I also speculated that this may be an insurance thing, but that would mean that this cop's analysis is meant to distract people from considering that the precinct or some fire marshall's might be complicit in the torchings and getting nice payouts from some unscrupulous developers (which are as prevalent as rats in New New York)

But for now we can just guess.

It's good to be right though.