Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Fire at Elmhurst hoarder house

"Hey Crappie, I haven't seen any mention in the local papers about the fire at the Elmhurst hoarder house on 84th street and 57th Ave a couple weeks ago. Fire Dept. had to cut a hole in the neighbors attached roof to put out the fire. As far as I know there was no injuries.

For years neighbors have been complaining about the unsightly mess of piles of trash in the front and back yard and also of the threat of fire to the other attached homes. Multiple visits by the DOB, Sanitation, Fire Dept., mental health workers and even Councilman Dromm couldn't convince the woman to clean up her act even when faced with fines.

I've watched the TV show Hoarders many times and in some of the cases the municipality will evict the homeowner if they don't clean up the house. It seems NYC doesn't have the same regulations.Anyway now all the yard trash is gone but I heard it's a real mess inside." - anonymous
This house was previously featured here in January of last year.


JQ LLC said...

Hey look, street art. Any rooms for 2000 a month available?

Anonymous said...

Evicted? In NYC? You must be dreaming. Never happen. Would take decades of back in forth in court.

Anonymous said...

The idea of evicting someone from a property they own for being dangerously messy is a scary one. Slippery slope, folks.

Anonymous said...

Evict them? For what? For being messy?

Fine them? They won't pay.

Put a lien on their home? No one wants it anyway.

They can donate it to St. Adalbert's.

Anonymous said...

How is putting a lien on the house going to help the neighbors who are living with this eyesore and safety hazard? Neighbors had to live with the stray cats she fed,roaches,mice and rats and the threat of a fire consuming the attached homes.
If this home was in the middle of the woods who would care but it isn't and there has to be laws in place to protect this women from herself and to protect the quality of life of the neighbors.

Anonymous said...

I live in the neighborhood. This house has had numerous complaints and, as mentioned above, even a fire recently. The windows were boarded up, but owners still seem to live in the home? There are reports of rodents running around the front yard and reports that owners still want to have electric turned on, though agencies can't enter the house due to unsafe conditions and a pest (rats) in the house.
It's a mess, truly a mess.

Anonymous said...

they are also know as the dirtiest family in town in greece