Wednesday, December 16, 2015

College Point police academy officially opened

From PIX11:

For years mayors have proposed a new police academy for the city’s 35,000 uniformed officers.

The current facility in Gramercy, which opened in 1964, is a tattered mess.

So on the eve of his third term in office, Mayor Mike Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Ray Kelly broke ground on a new academy in College Point, Queens.

Current NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton and Mayor Bill de Blasio cut the ribbon on the sprawling state-of-the art 30-acre facility.

"We’ve already outgrown it. We’ve outgrown it because of our commitment to training," Bratton said.

"We have five strategies in the NYPD, that are going to guide going forward – dealing with terrorism, tackling crime, rebuilding trust in our communities, acquiring hundreds of millions of dollars in the latest technology – but is all built on the foundation that this building represents – training."

The 750,000 square foot building has mock scenarios of what goes on — on real city streets.

There are simulated precincts, courtrooms, city streets, and businesses.


Anonymous said...

A course on "Testilying"?

Anonymous said...

Courtrooms with judges that let the culprit go and council chambers that passes stupid legislation?

Anonymous said...

Call me a skeptic, but 1 billion seems a bit excessive.
The city will not invest this kind of monies without a reason.
Guess they expect a good return on their investments in increased revenues from the newly trained police officers, who became tax collectors for the city.

Anonymous said...

"There are simulated precincts, courtrooms, city streets, and businesses."

And if the place keeps sinking they'll have a real subway not a simulated one.

Anonymous said...

Call me a skeptic, but 1 billion seems a bit excessive.
Of course it is! You could make something useful for a fraction of that - like the multi-million dollar dog runs that are multiples of what is spent in other cities.

But you have to understand that in NYC there is this child-like dependency on your councilman - reinforced by their paternalistic treatment of their constituents not unlike they are mindless errant children. So, if someone blindly does what they are told, even if they are exploited and their hard earned taxes are given away to cronies, it is perfectly fine.

If you try to do anything about it, they will turn on you for they remember that Daddy and Mommy are always right.

Anonymous said...

"There are simulated precincts, courtrooms, city streets, and businesses."

...and a 15'-high pile of contaminated fill at the northwest corner of the property, right next to a running track for new recruits.


Anonymous said...

Bratton and de Blasio cut the ribbon ?
This is perhaps the worst piss in the face the NYPD has ever had to endure.
Has this jackass sick in the head dope smoking mayor have no morals ?

Anonymous said...

So 3 million dollar dog runs are monies being stolen from tax payers.
1 billion dollars for a police academy is also coming from the tax payers, but when the new graduates are on the street they are expected to generate revenue.
In this case the public gets fleeced.
Nothing against the police here, sometimes even they found themselves in a no win situation.

(sarc) said...

And the officers received a one percent raise...

Camel bladder said...

Let's keep in mind that 1 billion was the estimate before they started building this monstrosity. I wish I knew how to find the correct answer but I would be willing to bet that the final price was somewhere around 2 billion. Hey but don't we all feel safer knowing that these cops and recruits have a building with 2, or is it 3, swimming pools, state of the art exersize equipment and secured parking facilities. Oh and don't forget a full size police van or SUV sitting at both entry gates 24/7 with a fat cop or two in each and the engines running just to make sure those cops are safe at all times. As for the rest of the population--- go fuck yourselves, it's the NYPD that is important.

JQ LLC said...

This ostentatious academy resembles a hollywood studio. I find it retarded that with the amount of money vomited on this building and the absurd planning (why would they place it near the water, the filthy water in fact, wait for the stories of inevitable flooding) that they still have to do firearms training in Brooklyn. All this is is a glorified hangout that just exacerbates elitism and the privilege of being a cop, ironically without the benefit of a proper raise, a living wage and an equitable salary compared to what cops in the island get. (I know cops get great retirement bennies, but does anyone think that these rookies can afford a decent apartment or buy a home with their starting salaries?)

Enjoy the trappings and your comfort zone for now trainees and higher-ups, because when you get out you're going to face splinter cell gangs, more recidivist criminals, and unhinged mental patients in the next year. In addition to providing protection for our electeds from disgruntled citizens protesting the erosion and loss of their quality of life, homes and livelihood.

Anonymous said...


Well said my friend.
The whole game is part of the illusion, instead of dealing with reality.
But hey, rookies need to be trained properly in the tax collection business.
Real crimes? Who cares. Arsonist running around in Forest Hills and after the 7th incident, never mind 2nd arson at the same house and finally gets proper attention.

Girl gets slashed ear to ear in Whitestone, the perp is still out there.

But making up and giving out speeding tickets, seat belt tickets, cell phone tickets - no problem there.

20 miles over the limit? $600 by the time is all said and done. $300 just for extra punishment. Not counting insurance increases.
BTW insurance companies provide monies to PD-s for radar gear.

Like they shoot you then hang you and finally behead you.

Corruption galore.