Sunday, December 20, 2015

Forest Hills trucks towed

From DNA Info:

Forest Hills police towed away several illegally parked tractor-trailers after their drivers recently turned the Grand Central Parkway service road into their rest area.

For several months, local residents have voiced concerns about tractor-trailers parked on the service road as well as in a nearby parking lot behind Forest Hills High School between 66th and 67th roads.

“Some of them leave the trucks there, some of them are sleeping there, they are also lined up on the service road,” said one concerned resident who did not want to give her name. “We don’t know what’s going on there at night.”

Other residents also complained that the parked vehicles block their view making it dangerous to drive in the area.


Anonymous said...

Several trailers contained municipal waste and had noxious odors that permeated the residential area.

Anonymous said...

69th street in middle village is also becoming a commercial vehicle parking lot

Anonymous said...

Atlantic Avenue from 125-127 Streets has been a truck parking lot for many years. I think that they should put a boot on all of them. There's a fine of $1000 to have the boot removed and it must be paid in advance of removal. The city would make shitloads of money and the drivers would further lose financially because of the downtime they incur waiting for the cops to remove the boot.

Anonymous said...

Obviously a problem, but indicative of a bigger problem that is being ignored by the city. We rely on long haul trucks. Western Queens and Brooklyn are a regional choke point of highways. Getting through the area can as long as traveling 100 miles of open road, yet there are almost no services in NYC for truckers. What are they supposed to do. There are ad hoc truck stops along the Clear view, LIE, Van Wyck. Would you rather they were driving when they need to be resting?

VMGillen said...

Under state law big trucks must use the "95" routes around NYC, unless they have a non-divisible load. In the case of a non-divisible load ONLY NYC DoT can issue a permit, good one-way. The City has no idea how many permits are issued, the cops don't know the law and won't enforce. Residential neighborhoods are essentially under assault! The following recommendations have been presented to the City Council (wish we still had Avella!):
1. Legislation mandating transparency and public access to records of "exception" permits issued to over-sized trucks
2. Sidewalk repairs of damage caused by over-sized trucks' maneuvers to be funded by allocation of fees for permits
3. Require that permits allowing transport of non-divisible load be prominently displayed
4. Request State DoT, NYC DoT & police precincts meet to discuss and promote realistic enforcement strategies.

Hey, it's a start... and thanks to Crappie for posting the state regs!

Anonymous said...

Since when is municipal waste stored in trailers? I find that bit hard to believe.

Crusseau said...

Maybe they conducted ONE towing operation but since this date there has been at least two semis and a car carrier parked there every night. There's also the same camper that's been there for several months. The truck is parked very close to the corner of 68th so you have to swing out wide into the left lane to get around the corner onto 68th. So they do ONE towing event and crow about it. In the mean time I passed several police cars in the same area and not one of those trucks has been issued any tickets.