Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Wilson Street illegal excavation leads to cave-in

From NBC:

Several workers had to be dug out of the ground by firefighters after ground they were working in outside a Brooklyn rowhouse gave way Monday, burying them up to their waists in dirt, fire officials said.

The workers were digging an extension in the yard of a rowhouse on Wilson Street in Williamsburg that was under renovation at the time of the accident, authorities said. Two of the buried workers had to be dug out by firefighters; a third was able to extricate himself from the dirt.

The men suffered minor injuries.

NBC 4 New York has learned the building owner did not have a permit for the construction work.

The Department of Buildings put stop-work orders on the landlord's building and evacuated several neighboring buildings, including a home and a synagogue, as a precaution. Dismissal at a nearby school was also modified.


(sarc) said...

But did they find the hidden treasure???

Anonymous said...

Hard to find good help at the Home Depot parking lot.

Jackson Heights Johnny said...

What is the landlord's liability here?

Maybe the city should pass a law that states: if work is done WITHOUT permits, and laborers are hurt/killed, then the owner forfeits possession of his/her property immediately and without redress.

Sound harsh?

Might work....

Anonymous said...

I guess mission accomplished?

JQ LLC said...

What a shame, now where's a frivolous spending hipster imbecile looking to drop 2750 a month to dwell in a makeshift drywall partitioned apt in a basement going to live now?

If he or she doesn't have the patience to wait for the mayor big slow's affordable housing scam that's meant for them.