Saturday, December 19, 2015

Mad slasher has Whitestone on alert

From NBC:

The apparently random slashing of a 16-year-old girl walking to school in Queens Wednesday morning has shaken neighbors as a local politician says the suspect may have struck before.

The victim, an exchange student from China, was walking near 13th Avenue and 146th Street when a man wearing a surgical mask and gloves grabbed her and slashed her neck and cheek with a utility knife before running off, police said.

The stalker was captured on surveillance video following his victim.

The attack has left families in the quiet residential neighborhood frightened.

State assemblyman Ron Kim said Thursday the suspect may have struck before.

"We've been receiving some calls since yesterday that a similar-looking individual has been harassing females in the neighborhood," he said.

Kim said he has visited the girl, and doctors have told him the attacker missed major arteries but there are still concerns about possible nerve damage and disfiguring scars.


JQ LLC said...

That footage gets scarier each time it's aired. And now these creeps are cognizant of the cameras everywhere from security to smartphones that they are disguising themselves.

This deviant probably just targets teenage girls, but this can happen to anybody. The same thing happened on the subway to some dude, same random slashing that came close to vital arteries.

The new bad days are officially here.

(sarc) said...

I thought that this problem was addressed after 9-11.

Legislation requires that all those purchasing box cutters must show identification.

I cannot believe that the law passed is not working...

Molan Labe said...

Nutritional problem
"Lead deficiency"
we need a petite young lady, just out of the academy to pull her pistol out on this savage, and apply lead very liberally
problem solved

Anonymous said...

Chinese gang initiation

Anonymous said...

note that a dem pol gets a photo op ,instead of a photo of the maniac slasher. the Rahm Emmanuel doctrine,"NEVER LET A CRISIS GO WITHOUT A DEM PHOTO OP"

Anonymous said...

Is this random or Chinese mafia act?

Anonymous said...

If the same girl got a similar injury from a reckless bicyclist no one would say a thing.

anon123 said...

lol at the thought of a Chinese gang would target a 16 year old girl. People have no brains?

I was in the area on Friday afternoon and saw a police van following a school bus as it dropped off kids. I should get my friend to install extra security cameras pointing to the sidewalk and street to catch these crimes. That area has little traffic, even the commercial street nearby (150 St) is mostly dead during the day.

Anonymous said...

He'll be caught. Its only a matter of time. The asian political elite in flushing keep saying that this was a hate crime but from the looks of it, it might just be another crazed homeless person who is off his meds. Thank you Mayor Diblasio for your ineffective strategy to rid the streets from the homeless...

Anonymous said...

Not enough cops. They just disbanded the borough task forces. So now the one or Two extra cars a precinct would get for patrol are gone. Wonder where all the $$ that was paying for all those cops went?? This what happens when you have a mayor who hates cops and only cares about HIS agenda,and not the city or the(most of) the people who reside here.....

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 7:

And your point being?

Anonymous said...

There is more to this than meets the eye. Was it really random or was it a warning of some kind?

Anonymous said...

Anon123,I've investigated many Chinese kidnappings and homicides,the public has No Idea how bad it is,your Proof of that,go back to sleep.

Anonymous said...

*Anon123,I've investigated many Chinese kidnappings and homicides*

You have investigated nothing, not a clue what you are talking about.

For the record, the victim is a foreign exchange student from China.

She was slashed. Now is this the work of a kidnapper? Murderer?

Or some sicko who picked a weak target?

Anonymous said...

*Is this random or Chinese mafia act?*

Yeah she refused to join the gang.

Seriously, do you think the chines gangs work like this?

Anonymous said...

One cannot make this shit up:

State Assemblyman Ron Kim (D-Flushing) has been working with the association to address specific karaoke bars and neighborhoods.

“For the most part, the majority of them are legitimate, good operators and just like any other industry, there’s a few bad apples in certain neighborho­ods,” Kim said.

State Sen. Toby Stavisky (D-Flushing) said that in 2014, residents complained to her about illegal activities at the Internet café and KTV karaoke bar at 140-08 Holly Ave.

“It seems to me that properly regulated karaoke bars have a place in the community,” Stavisky said. “However, the real issue is properly regulated.”

Karaoke bars are an industry?
So is prostitution, gambling, drugs and churches.
At least in Flushing.

Stavisky baby and Ron baby let me take you around and show you the *properly regulated* (albeit against zoning laws) McMansions where various activities seem to be booming!
Gangs, gambling, prostitution, drugs, whores, tax avoidance under the disguise of religious activities, neighborhoods ruined by endless cash flow from the Chinese government and local corruption.
Let me show you the real nightlife full of lowlifes in Flushing.
Let me show you the gridlock and the insanity that goes on in Flushing.
You both are hypocrites and grandstanding political prostitutes.

PS. I feel bad for the girl and this type of criminal needs to be caught preferably dead so tax payers will not support his incarceration.

Anonymous said...

On December 3, 2015 David Hwang was also slashed in the neck.
He is also Asian. He said he didn't see who slashed him.
If you look at the video of the whitestone flasher, you can see how fast he is, and notice the girl didn't see him either.
There are some similarities to these two slashings.
We may have a serial slasher out there targeting Asians.

1. Travel in pairs if possible
2. Be aware of your surroundings / Don't wear headphones.
3. Avoid isolated areas.

I hope we find this monster FAST!

retired investigator said...

Yes, Chinese gangs take action like this when maybe the family in China owes some money to some heavy duty people.
YOU are extremely naive when it comes to across the seas crime.

Anonymous said...

retired investigator said...

Will put the link here about the golden age of Flushing and gangs.

So if I understand correctly the girl or the family must know why the slashing happened.
And the same goes for the victim in Brooklyn? Except he is local.

Anonymous said...

IT COULD BE GANG RELATED OR EXTORTION no said it definitely is,just could be,simple Fact

Anonymous said...

it has been reported recently that radical muslims have slashed Israelis,in England ,a military man was almost beheaded by a muslim radical.Out West, two women were slashed,one beheaded,by a radical muslim.

Is there a radical muslim on the loose in Flushing/Whitestone ,Queens. Is there a local Mosque in the area of 146 St./13th-35th avenues ?Will DiBlasio reinstate the NYC counter-terrorism squad to infiltrate the local possibly radical muslim groups

is it possible the slasher did not care who the victim was,as long as he believed she was an infidel.?

Anonymous said...

IT COULD BE GANG RELATED OR EXTORTION no said it definitely is,just could be,simple Fact

Or maybe aliens from Epsilon Eridani.
The slasher is a tall, slender guy, who I'd say not Asian.
In the summer I was driving in the area and there is block with really scary characters. Was shocked to see them.