Monday, December 7, 2015

Has anything really changed in Albany?

From the NY Post:

Albany remains happily submerged in the same pork-and-patronage sludge-pit that led to Silver’s downfall — as everybody stands around blinking.

In other words, business as usual; Bharara best not be counting on Albany to fix itself.

Yes, he’s done yeoman’s work. But it won’t be enough.

That’s because digging out corruption while ignoring the corrupters will never be enough.

Locking up a few enablers, on the other hand, probably would help. It certainly couldn’t hurt.

Bharara has made it clear that his work is far from over. So there’s still time to broaden its scope — that is, to bust a few johns.

Here’s hoping. At this stage, the only real reform resides in fear.


Anonymous said...

Albany is making Trenton NJ look like the most uncorrupt capital city in the country. I'm ashamed to say that but there was a time when you'd buy a the daily news or the post and see multiple stories about political corruption and organized crime. All this false talk about ridding Albany of corruption is straight out fucking bullshit. Every state senator should be replaced !!

Anonymous said...

Ha anything changed in Albany?

Yes the money changed hands.

Anonymous said...

Nothing will ever change in Albany until you see term limits employed. People like the slimy Stavisky's are what's wrong there. Silver and Skelos are the top feeders. The Stavisky's and their like, are the bottom feeders. Albany is a hideout for the hole in the wall gang. It has been that way since the American civil war.