Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Borough Park trash house cleaned up

From CBS 2:

On Friday, neighbors called CBS2 about a Brooklyn home that was surrounded by trash.

They said it was a mess for months, and nobody was cleaning it up. CBS2’s Ilana Gold went to Borough Park to demand answers, and now the garbage is gone.

Workers spent the day outside of a home on 57th Street and New Utrecht Avenue in Borough Park, hauling piles of garbage from the driveway and backyard.

After a 5 hour job, they filled a truck with 2,000-lbs of trash. The property is now clear and unrecognizable.


(sarc) said...

Can we get a pool going on how long until it is back the way it was?

I say 6 months and I will bet ten dollars...

Jackson Heights Johnny said...

How in the hell is it possible for the homeowner NOT to be held responsible for this and for the cost of the cleanup?

Will he get a bill from the city?

I'm no law expert, but what about a fine?

If he/she doesn't pony up, can some sort of lien be placed on the property?

Garnish his/her salary?

Got to be a way to recoup the cost!

Anonymous said...

Way way less than 6 months! Weeks.

JQ LLC said...

2 weeks and a jacks 99c store member card.

Anonymous said...

That's gotta be 57th street,14th ave-ish. New Utrecht Ave is directly under the D Train track. More importantly, I say by April piles resurface.

JQ LLC said...


Cheers, QC. Keep it up. Despite the continuing despair from all this overwhelming shit piling up from the throngs of visitors, unbridled unwanted wanton development, and the negligent behavior of our elected officials and the combined indifference and cynicism of the citizens, this site is a bastion of hope and information.

Anonymous said...

Was this done on the taxpayers dime??

Anonymous said...

Nope, article says an anonymous donor paid for it.