Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas surprise in Ozone Park

From PIX11:

Welcoming home a loved one for Christmas never gets old.

When it's a soldier serving the country that you haven't seen for years, there's almost no way to describe the feeling.

One Queens family got to experience that feeling first hand when Santa helped make a Christmas wish come true.

It happened at P.S. 121 in Ozone Park. PIX11 was there as Army Spc. Paul Hernandez was reunited with some of his siblings for the first time in years.

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(sarc) said...


A great story.

Please remember, it is because of young men like Spc Hernandez, that we have the ability to safely argue, debate, express , and rant about anything we choose, here and in public.

Keep them in your prayers, for they are the ones standing on the wall protecting our freedoms...