Monday, December 21, 2015

Another AirBnB disaster

From the Daily News:

A Midtown landlord is suing a tenant for $300,000 for repeatedly renting out her apartment on Airbnb for $200 a night.

In papers filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, 357 West 54th St. LLC says Madalina Iacob's bid to make some quick bucks on Airbnb and other short-term apartment rental sites has already cost the building over $60,000 in fines — and could wind up costing it four times as much.

"Under the law, the landlord is strictly liable even though it's the tenant causing the violation — and even though we're not participating in this with this lady," said the building's lawyer, Lawrence Silberman.

Iacob's lease on the small $2095-a-month one-bedroom says that "tenant understands that they may NOT sublet the apartment" — but that's what the yoga instructor and self-described life coach and emotional intelligence coach was caught doing by the city in May, court papers say.

As a result, the building was slammed with four violations by the city, including operating as an illegal hotel, not having the required amount of exits for a hotel and not having adequate fire alarm system for a hotel.


JQ LLC said...

Let's all pray and hope, especially on the birth of the day of our lord Jesus Christ, that this douchehag gets kicked out on the street and the landlord sues her and the criminal enterprise sharing economy app Airbnb for even more money. Even though the building is owned by an LLC, let the landlord win and set a precedent to get that scumbag website out of the state.

Anonymous said...

I love NY! Even though the tenant is breaking the law, the landlord gets fine! God Bless America!

Anonymous said...

I never thought I'd feel sympathy for landlords, but this sort of BS puts me in their corner.

Responsible for fines while the tenant makes money? And I bet they'll be impossible to evict, on top of that.

Anonymous said...

"...but that's what the yoga instructor and self-described life coach and emotional intelligence coach...."

LOL, what a worthless pile of shit!

Anonymous said...

I hate it when outsiders come here and think they are smarter than everyone else. i hope that *itch has to pay up...