Monday, December 14, 2015

Gangs responsible for 40% of murders in NYC

From the Daily News:

Along with the mass killers and rifle-toting terrorists who are driving the nation’s gun debate are New York’s own gangbangers, who are behind the triggers of nearly half the city’s shootings, officials said.

And when gunplay across the five boroughs turns deadly, gang members are quite often responsible, accounting for 130, or 40%, of the city’s murders this year, police said.

It’s not just the traditional beefs over drugs or money, cops said. Crews are calling each other out over the smallest of slights or — worse yet — the belief that shooting someone will turn a boy into a man.

“It’s a fearsome reality: violence for its own sake,” Police Commissioner Bill Bratton told the Daily News. “The gun has come to define manhood for these young men, and the willingness to use it has become a rite of passage.”

Killings by gangs or crews — smaller groups of young men who claim one or two blocks as their turf — are expected to be slightly higher this year than in 2014, although cops were still tallying the numbers, police sources said.

As of Dec. 6, the 324 murders in the city represented a 5.5% increase over the 307 homicides committed by the same date last year. The number of shootings as of Dec. 6 was 1,061, a 3.2% decrease from the 1,296 committed in the same time frame in 2014. Overall serious crime is down 2.4% citywide.

The News obtained data from the NYPD’s Gang and Juvenile Justice divisions and used it to create maps showing where gangs and crews operate in the city. There are about 375 citywide, mostly clustered around housing projects.

Map is here.


(sarc) said...

"As of Dec. 6, the 324 murders in the city represented a 5.5% increase over the 307 homicides committed by the same date last year. The number of shootings as of Dec. 6 was 1,061, a 3.2% decrease from the 1,296 committed in the same time frame in 2014."

From my analysis, murders are up and shootings are down, that means the gangbangers are improving their aim.

How is eliminating the stop and frisk thing working out???

JQ LLC said...

Gangs, and don't forget the mob, are unofficial homegrown terrorists, using violence and fear for profit and territory. Immune to any kind of justice and enforcement from the electeds and the authorities

They are also fascist.

Anonymous said...

Street crews — some with members as young as 10 — can be found within spitting distance of each other in some neighborhoods. In Harlem, for example, the Air It Out Boys, the All About Money crew and the True Money Gang are fighting for control of the Johnson, Taft and Jefferson houses. The housing developments are all in an area bordered by E. 112th and E. 115th Sts. and Park and Third Aves.

In Brooklyn, two gangs fight over one seven-story building in the Cypress Hills Houses. The gangs call themselves Cypress Hills Frontside and Cypress Hills Backside, police said.
A week before members of those two gangs were rounded up, 37 members of the Bronx’s Washside gang were indicted, ending their ongoing beef with the Sev-0 gang, who are fighting for control of E. 170th St. in Claremont Village in the Bronx

Notice a pattern here?


Molan Labe said...

so are these guns licenced and registered?
why is it that every time some gangbanger thug shoots another skell, no great loss
we, the law abiding gun owners are punished?
look at san bernadino - they got all of the laws they want
so called "assault weapons" are banned
u know the first assault weapon was the rock used by cain against abel
california is a shall issue state
that means the sheriff can deny ANYONE a permit for any or no reason at all
but gave it to the two terrorists?
california closed the so called gun show loophole.
california has the ultimate cure all law - a 10 day waiting period to get a gun.
we need a 10 day waiting period fore pipe bomb parts - imagine the line at home depot
if you think another law will fix things - you are part of the problem

oh yea
i guess we need bigger signs
the "NO GUNS ALLOWED" sign at the Christmas party didnt stop the 2 terrorists
maybe we need to include an arabic translation in addition to the other 125 other languages spoken there

Anonymous said...

Here is the process to get a handgun in the city.

Anonymous said...

and we will be told how misunderstood they all are, now that the government has paid for their housing, food, health insurance, child care, after school programs, school lunch, from the day they were born. And how we all must feel so very sorry for them.

Anonymous said...

As the NYPD's anti-terrorism unit expands so should the Gang Unit. They are doing an incredible job. i just hope crackdowns like this make it to neighborhoods like Corona and Jackson Heights where gang violence is an epidemic and is tied to the local drug trade...

Anonymous said...

So let them stop the revenue generating tickets and focus on the problem.
Only stupid grandstanding politicians with agendas would say that all these criminals commit illegal acts with legal handguns.
Stop and frisk is not the way to go.
Today we have technology to gather intelligence on the gangs and take them out.
The problem is corruption as we have seen it recently.
Back in th 90s the feds had to step in and take out the Flushing gangs. Why?
Also any politician that talks about *legal* guns and global climate change (soon to be a crime to question anything) is motivated by something else.

Anonymous said...

enjoy your diversity!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Make guns illegal and drugs legal,see where this is going and by the way,
If gangs are responsible for 40% who's responsible for the other 60%
I call bullshit,gangs are responsible for 97% but we can't say that because then you would be Racist.

Anonymous said...

It took a few years for it to rise.figure a 3% increse every year.

JQ LLC said...

Note the majority of gangs (more like splinter gangs) in areas where prospective market rate rents are rising and more affordable luxury buildings are being built.

It's incredible that all this development is being considered. Also that NYCHA wants to let hedge funds and mega property firms take over parking and park spaces to build the aforementioned buildings.

The surreal thing is if you look at the maps where it's black is where all the high-end gentrification nonsense is happening, and you got to wonder how they keep it so isolated.

It is truly time to legalize all drugs, but the scourge is too great and the culture of violence and cynicism is too overwhelming for it to happen overnight or even years to ensure the safety and security of the citizens that have to deal with them on a daily basis.

I am shocked that the Daily News is still capable of thorough reporting.

(sarc) said...

Legalizing drugs is not the answer.

Look at Colorado, the Governor regrets the decision, and says it was the worst thing he ever did.

Once you legalize drugs, the Government gets involved.

Taxes (the Government needs its cut)' insurance, storefronts, utilities, employees on the books, record keeping, accountants, regulations, regulations, regulations. Then add the bureaucracy that will com from it, and it's cost. Look at how Obamacare helped the healthcare industry.

You will have more and more people on Government assistance because they are always stoned.

With all the bureaucracy the gangs will still undercut the "legitimate" products.

Why did Eric Garner die? Because of cigarette taxes.
The government causes the price to be overinflated causing a black market.

Did no one learn economics 101 for goodness sakes.

Price is dependent on supply and demand.
When the government gets its dirty hands into the mix it all turns to crap...

So what is the solution?


Anonymous said...

Make guns illegal

Already illegal in NYC.
Make drugs legal? Sure. See how many people are on prescription meds.
Big pharma does not need competition my friend.

Anonymous said...

Also that NYCHA wants to let hedge funds and mega property firms take over parking and park spaces to build the aforementioned buildings.

By all means let them come and do it. It could only be an improvement, even if we lose some "vibrant diversity" in the process.

Anonymous said...

Note: every place where there are gangs it's in the NYC Housing Projects. NYCHA The Hammels in Rockaway has been a gang drug dealer strong hold for decades.

tear down NYCHA. and you will tear down the gangs. get rid of rental vouchers too.

Anonymous said...

Anon has a point. Look at the NY Medical Marijuana law - it creates an artificial monopoly so only some well connected companies can get into the market.

It seems like decriminalization, not legalization, is the way to go.

Anonymous said...

Who needs radicalized terrorists when we have our own gangs?