Saturday, December 12, 2015

Forest Hills now has second arsonist

From DNA Info:

Three small dumpster fires — including one in front of the 112th Precinct station house — erupted on Austin Street in one night, deepening anxiety in a neighborhood recently targeted by a fire-starting "ninja."

All three dumpster fires set late Wednesday night into Thursday morning were lit along Austin Street, a major commercial strip in the neighborhood, fire and police officials said.

FDNY spokesman Frank Dwyer said in an email that the fires “are suspicious and are being investigated by Fire Marshals and the NYPD.”

Police have released surveillance video of a suspect wanted in connection with the dumpster fires.

A spokesman for the NYPD said Friday that the two patterns appear to be unrelated and the suspect does not match the description of the arsonist being sought in connection with the other arson pattern in the neighborhood.

Police fear this is a copycat.


Anonymous said...

Should Homeland Security be contacted?
This is a Jewish neighborhood and there are Muslim terrorists doing dirty work around the world.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry , but this whole crime wave seems to be out of control and begs the question: is NYC really 100% prepared to handle a terrorist attack? I don't feel safe living here at the moment.

Anonymous said...

The 112th precinct should look into hiring a night watchman to protect their property!


JQ LLC said...

It's the New Bad Days.

Shouldn't Bratton send some cops from other precincts to help out? When the UN has their useless meetings in September and whenever there's a concert in the street (I am thinking of that Kanye West one earlier this year by madison park), all those cops gotta come from somewhere.

And this year is ending on a very violent note, since there have been a rash of muggings in Central Park and park crime has seen a significant rise.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see the injuries these guys suffer while resisting arrest when they're caught. Well deserved.

Anonymous said...

JQ - they've redeployed all kinds of nypd and fdny to solve this case. Ya gotta read the local papers too.

JQ LLC said...

Last anon

Well, now that is got more media attention from the evening news stations they were quick to react.

when all the cops and marshals could have done was go on the crapper (this one) and take action after the second fire.

just one layman's opinion.

Anonymous said...

Pathetic. In front of 112? I mean come on guys.
So all of you who advised for cameras and private security guards, what do you have to say now?
The police should have more cameras and hire security guards?

These sickos need to be caught pronto.
Undercover cops in Toyota minivans (yes they use them to catch speeders) should do the job, strategically placed of course.

PS. Most cameras in NYC are for revenue generating, red light, speed are the main sources of income. Revenue split with private firms who run the programs.

Anonymous said...

this guy looks like muslim uzbek, you jews have to stop making excuses for muslims.

Anonymous said...

maybe its ISIS

Molan Labe said...

i got my guns ready - hope you got yours when we get hit
[not IF, but WHEN]

Anonymous said...

this guy looks like muslim uzbek, you jews have to stop making excuses for muslims

Only the politicians make excuses. They are full of it and out of touch!
The head of DHS, FBI actually confirmed what Trump was saying.
Boy did he get vilified!

But you might be onto something. I heard the muslims wanted a mosque in the area, around 108th Street and that got quashed.
Who knows? Maybe is retribution?
Will find out once the perp is caught.

Anonymous said...

They need to hire the folks who just arrested the man who fire bombed a mosque in California just 5 days ago.

JQ LLC said...

Moretti has a great theory

Common Sense said...

Maybe this area is one of those "soft targets" that Muslim extremist terrorists are now hitting.
Softer targets are less guarded than high profile spots such as national icons or the in peace....World Trade Center.
Hope one of you brighter feds are reading this site.
It is past high time to investigate, not only new arrivals into the country, but organizations which harbor or radicalize our own home grown wackos. Dontcha think? The Democrats have fallen down on recognizing that our country needs advance protection.
Taking action after the fact leaves dead, wounded and fearful victims.
The goal of all terrorist's is to disturb, curtail or ruin an economy. Proof? How many of you who could afford it have booked a trip to Paris or Europe, for that matter? Lax security and easy targets do not make tourists feel comfortable.

Anonymous said...

And Karen Koslowitz is a useless aged dummy on this matter.
That's another side issue....too many unfit pol's warming their seats and concerned more with collecting their pensions....than pushing hard for any real action.

Anonymous said...

Bratton has no cops to send.with the "new" counterterrorism unit he just started, that took a few cops from every precinct. There aren't enough cops on patrol. Ps with that thought,be careful this christmas season. Btw, the stats just released show crime up 19% in the subways..........

Anonymous said...

Reverse Broken Windows policy at work.

You let a blatant criminal get away with it for too long, copycats will soon spring up.

xpyred said...

That guy burning whatever in front of the 112 proves a comment i made the other day; The 112 is a piece of trash that needs a giant overhaul. I cannot describe how many times ive been stopped by 112 police asking me for ID because i should be in school. When they see my age (clearly above 18) they ask why i am outside. When they arent doing that, they're busy looking for tickets to give to parking violations or jay walkers. the 112 is just as much a problem as the two fools setting crap on fire.

Anonymous said...


That is very funny!
Well done Moretti!

Anonymous said...

I doubt any of this has to do with media or the crap blog ... This is nypd and fdny, not the city council of whores.

But picking on koslowitz? Catching crooks isn't her job. Lets not expand the councils duties anymore than they already do themselves. She's not relevant here.

JQ LLC said...

More like Council doodies

Anonymous said...

Cops have nothing to do with it, from what I been told fire marshalls handle these situations. --and most the good ones (like the PD) retired or resigned refusing to deal with the mayors bullshit.
This sounds more like the work of a gang who has a beef with the builders. In the good old days if you didn't make a large donation to the "big man with the fat neck" you could not receive nor deliver concrete and building supply's. You also could NOT F_ up a block building with an ugly mausoleum or shit box with out getting a "visit"

Anonymous said...

Cops have nothing to do with it, from what I been told fire marshalls handle these situations


What you've been told is only half right. Cops are certainly investigating this. It's all over the news.

Nice one, JQ.

Anonymous said...

"this guy looks like muslim uzbek"
Yep for sure, It is possible these people are testing the NYPD & NYPD capability to deal with something really big in the future.
BTW what the hell is going on at LGA airport, these 3rd world looking people with beards are everywhere. It appears they are living in the terminals, some women covered up in headscarves also

Anonymous said...

The City has been expending significant resources to catch this guy, and have been since mid-November. FD marshals, the Arson Explosion Unit, Major Cases, and detectives have been out patrolling in addition to chasing leads. There was a call for an odor of smoke around 110 and 67 (from a fireplace) shortly after the Thanksgiving fire and half dozen RMP's and unmarkeds responded out of nowhere.

There are several dozen construction/demo sites in Cord Meyer. The cops can't stake out every one, every night. One determined man in the dark can be very dangerous and slippery; remember Son of Sam? It took a year, a lucky parking ticket, and an observant witness willing to phone the cops to catch him.