Saturday, December 5, 2015

Nasty hoarding situation in Brooklyn

From CBS 2:

A house in Brooklyn is surrounded with piles of trash, and neighbors say the city is not doing enough about it.

Neighbors called CBS2 looking for help in getting the mess cleaned up.

As CBS2’s Ilana Gold reported, you can’t miss the eyesore on 57th Street in Borough Park by New Utrecht Avenue. The entire length of the driveway is covered in trash — luggage, furniture and debris stacked 5 feet high.


(sarc) said...

Looks like they have some great treasures there...

Joe Moretti said...

"neighbors say the city is not doing enough about it". Well, that seems to be business as usual for this city. That is our motto.

Anonymous said...

Affordable housing!!

For the RATS!!!!

JQ LLC said...

Did anyone notice the table with the plastic pitcher? There's a rustic El Fresco feel about it. Or maybe some makeshift hipster hangout like that one in Glendale.

The house looks abandoned. I thought the Hasidic community was tight-knit, they don't notice anyone coming in and out?

And what's with those DMC boxes? Maybe...

Although off topic and don't know her personally but as a loyal reader I like to give a shout out to Miss H of NYShitty for overcoming a recent health scare while doing her daily intrepid chronicling of the high end urban blight and bogus upscaling of her town. Stay healthy and watch out for pricks. Needles also.

This is a MUST read