Thursday, May 7, 2015

Old Spartan Restaurant to be completely transformed

This building was the Spartan Restaurant on Grand Avenue in Maspeth. Here it is as it appeared in the movie "Goodfellas" in 1990.
After the owner, long time civic leader Peter Chahales died, the restaurant was sold and became a catering hall. First it was Russian, then Glatt Kosher then it was the Lido, whatever that was.
Now it's behind a giant green construction fence, undergoing its latest incarnation.
As what? My best guess, based on what the rest of the Grand Avenue strip is noted to contain, is a massage parlor, nail salon, cell phone store and 99-cent paradise.


JQ said...

There aren't enough genuine diners anymore. As there aren't enough classic movies being filmed in New York.

This is the same formula for commercial properties going on everywhere. They also include liquor stores, Kids love that flavored vodka and tequila. Also Dunkin' Donuts

It's really sickening. A lot of these bargain stores are "Deals" stores and the food they sell there is dicey. It's like a retarded version of Walmart. Anyone know who owns the Deals Stores?

Anonymous said...

Deals are the current version of the old five and dime, only difference is everything is made in China and breaks after the first use.

Anonymous said...

Very boring strip mall architecture coming soon.

Anonymous said...

Will they put up a memorial to Billy Batts?

Anonymous said...

What part of the movie was recorded in that restaurant?

Queens Crapper said...

When Tommy kills Billy Batts.

NYC Metalhead aka SOL said...

I guess they want us all to "get your f@@king shine box" We know what happen to Billy Bats after that.

Chester the Dog said...

DEALS is owned by DollarTree, and much of their products are of good quality, made by the same mmanufactuers are the name brands.

JQ said...

Re chester:
I was referring to the human food.
A lot of these products look rejected.

Anonymous said...

Hey crapster,

"Now go home and get your f***in' shine box."

Ahhhh...Maspeth in the good old recent past.

JQ said...

I thought Paul Sorvino had the best performance in Goodfellas. He really nailed the unsettling intimidating aura a mob boss had.

I saw that film at what I think was the Drake theater. It was the most perfect place to see that movie, just one big screen, nice comfy seats. The nostalgia for theaters like that is so overwhelmingly powerful especially in this era of lousiness in filmmaking and the preferred viewing medium via smartphone.

It does suck getting old, although what passes for stores on commercial properties sucks bigger and harder.