Saturday, May 23, 2015

Documenting filth in Brooklyn

From WPIX:

When it comes to litter, Alexandra Larger says she understands how candy wrappers, cigarette butts, and empty soda cans end up on the street, but seeing chicken bones and rubber gloves littering the blocks near her home in Bed-Stuy just never made sense.

So now she’s started documenting the sightings on her blog “Streets of Brooklyn.”

“I can’t recall ever seeing anyone eating a fried chicken thigh in the middle of the street – can you? And as far as the rubber glove situation … I don’t even want to know,” Larger writes on her blog.

Larger says she never notices garbage like this popping up in wealthier neighborhoods around the borough. So she decided to start snapping pictures of the unusual sightings and posting them online.


Anonymous said...

This is an easy mystery to solve:

Clue #1: it's Bed-Stuy
Clue #2: who eats fried chicken? (remember - it's Bed-Stuy)
Clue #3: rubber gloves (why get your hands greasy while eating fried chicken? -and- remember: it's Bed-Stuy)

Anonymous said...

Really, filth in Brooklyn needs to be documented? Why waste time on the obvious?

Anonymous said...

So she just "documents" these things but doesn't pick it up?