Friday, May 22, 2015

Trib honors Caliendo

From the Queens Tribune:

Gerald Caliendo’s architecture business started with four employees, but has since grown into one of the premier establishments in the industry.

Caliendo was one of the honorees of the Queens Tribune’s third annual Business Achievement awards, held on Monday at Queens College.

The company, Gerald Caliendo Architects, started in 1994 in Briarwood, looking to get established in the architect business.

Since then, it has grown to about 45 employees and work on projects citywide.

In an interview with the Queens Tribune, Caliendo partially credits that growth to working with Phil Agusta, former commissioner of the Boards of Standards and Appeals.

He said that working alongside Agusta enabled him to learn the ins and outs of zoning and variance laws, something other businesses know little to nothing about.

You can click the tag below containing his name to see his proud Queens Crap history.

This is my favorite Gerry story of all time.


georgetheatheist said...

Nice award Gerry . . . from the guy that publishes prostitution advertising. And you went to Catholic school?

Anonymous said...

He said that working alongside Agusta enabled him to learn the ins and outs of zoning and variance laws, something other businesses know little to nothing about.

This is the guy SUPER HALAL MEAT at 253-06 Hillside Avenue brought in to fix all there problems. 5 years later and the NYC Buildings Department still hasn't cleaned up this illegal mess.

Anonymous said...

To call Caliedo an architect is a gross exaggeration.
For him to be so honored indicates that Queens is far worse than we all thought.

Anonymous said...

This guys knows the in and outs of zoning and variance laws.

So this guy gets an award because he knows how to work the system. While the people of Queens continue to be screwed when ever possible.

georgetheatheist said...

For those of you worried that this man, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the King Manor Museum, Gerald Caliendro - a man you would think would be mindful of the borough's historical legacy, will go through with building ugly utilitarian warehouses at the Steinway site:

Not to worry. The Queens Borough President will probably come to the rescue! From the current May issue of Queens Parent magazine (page 7, mid-way down the left column) Ms Katz informs us:

"History is a good thing for kids. When you pass on things from generation to generation, I think it's a very thoughtful thing to do."

Seeing is believing. Check it out here.

georgetheatheist said...

Think globally. Act locally.

ISIS set to destroy the world's historical legacy in Palmyra, Syria ("Concern About a Palmyra's Ancient Riches", NY Times, 5/21)

The Steinway Mansion. An ancient richness of Queens historical legacy subject to Queens indifference and nonfeasance.

Middle Villager said...

Gerry learned from the best. Everyone in Queens knew if you wanted to build something hinky you hired Phil Agusta as the architect and he could get it thru. Gerry just picked up where Phil left off.

Anonymous said...

To be fair, if you look at Caliendo's portfolio, it's a mixed bag. For example, his Pistilli Grand Manor preserves the building's historical appearance.

On the other hand, his "Lefferts Plaza" (86-11 Lefferts Boulevard) and "Union Turnpike Office Building" (159-16 Union Turnpike) are both abhorrent and will deface our skyline for generations to come.

When Caliendo has the budget and the will, he can be creative and worthy of his AIA membership.

Most of the time however, he churns out the same boring boxy blandness. I can describe Queens Tribune as equally boring and bland in its journalism.

Makes sense to me said...

"When Caliendo has the budget and the will, he can be creative and worthy of his AIA membership."

_____________________________________ So?? Why doesn't he be creative at Steinway and be worthy of that membership?

As Greater Astoria Historical has pointed out, one can preserve the historical ambience at Steinway and also eventually make big bux for the developers. It'd be a win-win for everybody. Now it's a lose-lose.

Anonymous said...

The goombah's favorite son. Their architect of choice if it isn't Petruso....another goombah hack.

Anonymous said...

So, why has the local politicians been able to get the fourth house razed in the Huang Development on 223rd Street in Bayside? They will allow it to continue to deteriorate and be a blight on the neighborhood for another 10 years or more. This project is yet another instance where the DOB approves illegal projects and the culprits (owner, developer, architect and engineers) are not held accountable.

Another architect, Angelo Costa, who was responsible for the planning of this illegal project and also one of Suzuki's illegal projects was also never disciplined. By the time, the DOB and the DOI get around to addressing the bad deeds of these architects -- the statute of limitations has expired.

Third parties should legally be able to hold these rogue professionals accountable for their MISTAKES. Aren't architects and engineers subjected to continuing education as other NYS professionals are?

Project in Progress: Petruso planned and the DOB approved an alteration which added and additional story to a small one family house on a 45 x 100 piece of property on 223rd Street near the Huang project. There is a distinct difference between a cellar and a basement when planning such projects. The completion of which has dragged on because they cannot obey the building code. The zoning regulations are also being disregarded it seems as well.

I guess if you want to build a structure that is contrary to zoning and building code you find yourself an architect who will help you accomplish that task.