Friday, May 15, 2015

Are any electeds on Staten Island listening?

"Hi. Really appreciate your blog/website. Don’t know if you’ve heard about Save Mount Manresa. After a valiant fight, which we’re still fighting, we lost the (400 year old) trees and (landmarkable) buildings, but we’re still trying to get the surrounding neighborhoods downzoned. Would love to start a blog/website such as yours. If you’re on Stagnant Island May 30th, preferably in a motor vehicle of some sort, please come to our rally (see attached).

Thank you,

Janet McKee"


Anonymous said...

Actually, some electeds are listening - starting w/CM Rose, and the State electeds saw there was traction so they hopped on the bandwagon. The problem here is the speed with which the developer started this rape! We fought a similar project in Elm Park for DECADES - but being a neighborhood of, shall I say: disenfranchised, lost and the development has proceeded - notwithstanding contaminants which are self-certified as remediated, but no one in the area has seen any indication that the work was done, notwithstanding the flood zone location... the houses are finally going up. Stuffed on on top of the other, they look like crap (with all due respect, Crappy!) Priced at $450,000, with substantial state-subsidized cash incentives for first time home buyers. Buyers who may not be able to buy flood insurance next year, and/or risk default due to that expense once the new rates kick in. We taxpayers will help them move in, and help with the defaults, and help with disaster relief, while the developer takes his money and runs. Finally, those buyers could buy 15-room Victorians in the area for $350k...

Snake Plissskin said...

Guys, give up on the electeds. Unless you give them the attention to pay attention to your issues other$ have the incentive big time.

A good idea for blogs like Crappy to spring up in every borough.

Let a 1000 flowers bloom. Social media is more than pissing away your time on stupid crap like what infuses your tea.