Friday, May 29, 2015

Samaritan Village loves doing business with slumlords

From the Times Ledger:

The owners of Glendale’s soon to be homeless shelter have experience with owning residential buildings. They also have experience with complaints.

The city Department of Buildings approved permits in early March to turn the empty factory on 78-16 Cooper Ave. into transitional housing – a sore point for the surrounding Glendale community. Samaritan Village will run the shelter, but the owner of the building is the estate of Joseph Wilner.

The estate also owns a building in Kew Gardens that has amassed dozens of open, unresolved violations, according to the city agency Housing Preservation and Development. And many of these violations are considered hazardous by the city, which raises questions about how well maintained the homeless shelter will be.

Many of the open and hazardous violations issued to the apartment building on 119-14 Union Turnpike deal with rodent infestations, defective electric outlets and broken lights. Many of the violations were issued several times, yet the estate of Joseph Wilner has not fixed the problem.

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Middle Villager said...

Wilner couldn't care less about their tennents or neighbors, it's all about the $$$. I'm sure Samaritan Village is paying him top dollar and they as well are being paid top dollar by their friends at City Hall, unfortunately it is taxpayers that are being screwed as usual. Keep voting these mutts in and hand over your money to these gonnifs!