Sunday, May 10, 2015

Sticker crap

"Sticker "Graffiti" in Forest Hills. Would you ever use a business that advertised this way?" - anonymous


Anonymous said...

Under the law this is graffiti, also known as sticker tagging.
Where is the NYPD's vandal squad to arrest these graff taggers?
That famous "rubber gun squad" is too busy grabbing teens . They don't dare pick on corporate graffiti vandals
And what about John Liu? Has he paid up his graffiti fines for his illegal political campaign postering?

Anonymous said...

Someone had to make/order these stickers.

Someone had to put them on the door/mailbox as seen in the pictures.

Someone should get a ticket for defacing private property, littering, or whatever statue covers this garbage.

And by 'someone' I mean the business that is advertising.

Have the police call the number and have them come down to the precinct to 'replace a lock'. You can then ticket them.

Anonymous said...

Locksmiths have been doing this for decades.

Makes sense when you are in a panic. A handy number is right there.

Roger said...

Got a similar sticker for a different locksmith, and no, I would never use someone who stuck something to my mailbox.

Anonymous said...

have you tried calling any of those number? they all go to the very same locksmith. It's a ploy to make you think it's different people.

solution? either scrape them off or use a permanent magic marker to blot out the phone numbers.

Anonymous said...

The perpetrators of this shit refer to this as "Guerrilla Marketing" in an attempt to legitimize their vandalism. No matter how you slice it, it's graffiti and should be prosecuted.

Rick D said...

You can call 311 to report this. Usually several blocks of business store fronts are hit at one time. You don't have to give a specific address, just something like, "Main St between Sanford Ave and Franklin."

Since 2004, when specific legislation to address this type of advertising graffiti was signed into law, the Dept of Sanitation is the agency that is assigned to this type of complaint. Unfortunately, they have proven totally useless in the past year or so since a new Director of Enforcement was appointed.

Here's more information about these illegal locksmith stickers:

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the locksmith who plastered Julia's office with his stickers before running against her