Thursday, May 14, 2015

Great job, DHS!

From the Wall Street Journal:

New York state moved Tuesday night to withhold funding from some of New York City’s homeless shelters because of their poor conditions, sparking a fight over near-record homelessness in the city.

In a letter Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s administration sent to City Hall, the state said 16 shelters were in such poor condition that it would withhold funding until matters improved. The letter from the Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance said state officials had investigated the shelters in recent days.

The city’s homeless population in shelters is near 57,000 and has risen significantly in recent years. Many of the shelters have multiple violations, according to City Hall, which has already investigated many problems and said Monday it would expedite fixes across the system.

The issue has dogged Mayor Bill de Blasio as he has pitched his message on income inequality outside New York, and homeless advocates say the city needs to do more.


Middle Villager said...

Who is Cuomo kidding? The money will be coming, his sister sits on the board at Help USA. He had another relative in there too until that got outed. If he doesn't pony up the money ,Thanksgiving dinner with the family could be very awkward.

Anonymous said...

Time to leave New York. Our politicians are clowns that are costing us big time.

Anonymous said...

Waste of money because most the people living in these shitholes will revert any cleanups & fixes back in weeks. Some folks like living like slobs its in the DNA
Its no different then cleanup up streets in Jamaica.