Monday, May 11, 2015

Jimmy's take on transportation

- Yuppies at Vernon-Jackson need a ferry because the train is too crowded (they already have one)
- New Select Bus Service and Express Service must be created for LIC - even though it is built up because it is one subway stop from Manhattan
- CitiBike!
- Let's not build a new subway line because who cares about future generations?
- Hey, how about a pedestrian/bike only bridge to Manhattan? Because that's feasible.


LibertyBoyNYC said...

Poor JVB, the tower people are giving him overpriced earfuls. Maybe he should have a sit-down with them in Manducatis over a $50 bowl of pasta, and explain how you can't bike over a river, and how mass transit is THE volume knob on the great show that is real estate pricing.

Anonymous said...

My take on fixing nyc transportation:

Deport all the illegals.......

Problem solved! Next!!

Anonymous said...

Jimmy talks about the MTA is hard to deal with and unaccountable.

The boy should hold up a mirror, stare hard in it, and think of those words.

Anonymous said...

The ferry (I mean the boat) needs a tremendous amount of money. You get on, get your ass frozen off in the winter, to be put at 35th St blocks from the transportation network.

A walkway-bike pedestrian bridge? The Navy regulates bridge height at well over 100 feet above water level - that is 10 stories so your entrance ramp would be over at the Borden Ave Bridge.

If Queens got a new line it would be to put the Ditmars underground and expend it to the airport (sorry RoseMarie and he hot-head chorus) or extending the R at Steinway down Broadway to the East Side.

A sensible solution would be a transit hub at the East Side Access at Queens Plaza - take the M one stop.


In office 5 years (with only that library on his resume) and he knows transportation better than the MTA?

This man is an officious priggy idoit.

georgetheatheist said...

Once you board in LIC the S.S.Van Bramer and disembark in Manhattan by the FDR drive, how do you then get to work in Midtown?

Jimmy, you forgot promoting Segways as a viable transportation alternative and one seater bare-to-the-bones aircaft.

Crapper is that paving the East River plan still on the table? (We discussed this on this blog years ago.)

georgetheatheist said...

Im serious about that Segway option. Check it out here.

Anonymous said...


Made a big deal at embracing the new neighborhood.

So someone trashed her place and the entitled just stepped over the broken glass and said or did nothing. For hours.

That would never have happened in the old neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

Methinks the Majority Leader has his eyes on something bigger

Anonymous said...

'Once you board in LIC the S.S.Van Bramer and disembark in Manhattan by the FDR drive, how do you then get to work in Midtown?'

You multi-task George.

You run across the FDR. If you don't get run down you might pick up some change cleaning windshields. That soon won't be a crime.

How on earth do you expect these politicians to come up with these proposals if they have to think them out all of the way? They don't get the kick-back's from the developers, from the ferry lobby, from whomever if they stop and ask: Does this work? Does it make sense? Will it help the taxpayer?

The only question: How much will it line my pocket?

Anonymous said...

Seriously, if he wants to help, he could work out some sort of LIRR fare reduction for Woodside and the Sunnyside stations for connections to Penn and Grand Central.

Anonymous said...

I don't see a pasta dish on their menu that's over $25.

Anonymous said...

Move NY cuts lirr fares.

JQ said...

That man is an idiot.

I feel so sorry for the folks in that district. As this patsy for developers and the tourism industry seems hugely responsible for the overcrowding and tower pestilence that has consumed the area.

Pedestrian bridge, shut the fuck up Jim. Let's hope it's some pandering bullshit, or else the city might hold a contest to get it designed and built like that rickety and unnecessary one in downtown fucking brooklyn.

Jerry Rotondi said...

Councilman Jimmy took $10,500 in campaign contributions from the Wolkoff family...then voted to give a variance to the former 5 Pointz site....which G&M Realty (Wolkoff) owns.

Now instead of 20 story buildings, two 40 story buildings can be built on the razed site.

Van Bramer has got to get things straight.
You cannot support over development and expect the existing antiquated infrastructure to handle it.

Remember, Lord Jim, when you lie down with the dogs, expect to get fleas!

Anonymous said...

So he needs a fairy ferry?
Let him walk upon the waters.
He think's he's a god anyway.

Anonymous said...

Up yours, Jimmy!
Enjoy the congestion.
Transportation sure sucks where you live.
Maybe your developer pals will spot you a chauffeur driven limo to make your load a little lighter.

Anonymous said...

What an evasive queenVan Bramer is. He will never answer a real question put to him.

Let the LIC yuppies take swimming lessons.
Wear an anti toxin wet suit and dive into the East River. They can kyack in the summer and ice boat in the winter.
Sail surfing is another option.

Being close to public transportatin don't mean shit, if your train is already packed full of sardines.

Move to Flushing, the beginning of the #7 line.
You still won't get a seat. Half of China packs those trains during rush hour.

Anonymous said...

Ride on top of the train carriages like they do in India.
Yuppie jitneys can depart from Vernon Jackson...just like the ones that go out to the Hamptons in summer.

I guess Queens West is really a bust. It's no good being just a stone's throw from the golden isle of Manhattan, unless you can grab onto that stone that's being thrown.

LOL! I surely sympathized with you dumb hipsters.
Better to have stayed in Kansas. Plenty of travel room there.

Anonymous said...

Flushing has its dollar vans shuutling Chinese to Manhattan
Let building management provide luxury van service from Queens West for a ...uh hum...a additional modest fee, of course.

Wah! Wah! Yuppie cry babies should have researched better where they intended to find paradise in LIC.

Oh, but the condo sales reps would never reveal a transportation nightmare to an interested buyer. Plenty of time for self discovery after the closing and sales commissions have been banked.

Anonymous said...

Historically speaking, Queens was largely farmland while Brooklyn was a city.
That's why Brooklyn is a better place to live. The BMT lines traversed Brooklyn. Later the IND line.

Queens only subway was the #7 until the IND went into service in the 1930s.

After Staten Island being the worst for transportation, Queens is second worst.

People flocked to Queens because it was cheaper and safer to live here. Now that is all changing.

Anonymous said...

Jimmy Van Backdoor Politics.
He is bought and paid for buy the NYC realty industry.
Jump, Jimmy, jump!

Anonymous said...

At least your LIC yuppies do not have to stand for more than one stop to Grand Central on the #7 train.

Lucky me. From the Broadway LIRR station , it's only 23 minutes to Manhattan.

It has got to be a 20 minute walk to Vernon Jackson on icy winter days.

So who is closest to the big in the far away east, or you in sight of the NY skyline?

Enjoy your commute!

Anonymous said...

There is someone on this board who doesn't know how many train lines actually serve queens. We have the earliest, the J train, the A train, the 7 train, the R train and the E, F, M and N trains.

The problem is, all of them are overcrowded and face delay upon delays before you get off and wait for your pokey bus!

Anonymous said...

Maybe he should have voted against overdeveloping LIC.

Anonymous said...

Those trains were extensions of the old BMT lines. Now who's the one who don't know train history, bub?